Ventnor Fishing Pier and Band Shell Upgrades

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Enjoy a cup of coffee from the popular Ventnor fishing pier. In the afternoon, grab a snack. In the evening, head up to the pier for ice cream with the kids. It’s all in the works as Ventnor gets ready to reconfigure it’s 1,000 ft fishing pier.

Step #1: A small office / kiosk will be built to improve security of the pier. The pier master will soon be stationed at the gate used to enter the fishing portion of the pier.

With that pier master move, this open up a space in the main building that houses the 2 restrooms.

The project features a new ‘fishing’ gate, a small office (kiosk) for the pier master, and more security cameras.

This will help the pier master make sure that anglers have purchased a proper permit to fish.

Apparently, some were letting friends in without paying the daily, weekly or seasonal fee.

A new music bandstand to soon replace the old gazebo, behind the library on Newport Avenue.

New bandstand erected by start of 2023 summer season.

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