Ventnor Fishing Pier Now Open for 2018 Summer Season

The Ventnor Fishing Pier is now open for the 2018 summer season.

The pier is staffed 7 days a week from 8a. to 4p.

Located at Cambridge Avenue and the Boardwalk, the Ventnor City Fishing Pier measures 1000 feet. It’s the longest of the state’s ocean fishing piers. In season, the pier is open 24 hours/day for fishing and sightseeing. Fishing is permitted only past the locked gate.

The pier boasts benches, cleaning tables, and lighting for night time fishing. Enjoy a beautiful day of fishing or just take in the sights.


Ventnor has long enjoyed an iconic pier gracing it’s shores. At least three piers have previously existed. The first pier was built around 1914, but was replaced by a larger pavilion. Fire destroyed the second pier in August of 1940. A third pier was built to replace the damaged one. That pier was destroyed in the March 1963 storm.

The current pier underwent a 9 month $3.2 million renovation project in 2007. It reopened on July 4, 2008.

Yearly Membership Costs:

  • $175 per year
  • $150 per year (Senior Citizens Ages 62+)
  • $50 per year (Kids Ages 10-17)

For Spectators with a Key:

$50 per person per year

Weekly Membership Costs:

  • $50 per week
  • $25 per week (Senior Citizens Ages 62+)
  • $15 per week (Kids Ages 10-17)

Daily Membership Costs:

  • $10 per day
  • $5 per day (Senior Citizens Ages 62+)
  • $5 per day (Kids Ages 10-17)

Daily Walk-On (Non-Fishing Fee)

  • $5 per day for individuals ages 10+

Ventnor Pier Master Dan
Ventnor Pier Master Dan

At all times when accessing and using the fishing pier, every member/key holder of the Ventnor City Fishing Pier must have in his/her possession the official Ventnor City photo identification and key issued to him/her by the Ventnor City Pier Master.

The identification must be on the person visible at all times while on the pier. Individuals without identification are subject to being removed from the pier and fined. Individuals who have purchased a weekly or daily membership shall be prohibited from using or accessing the pier at any time other than during the hours of operation.

Furthermore, no individual with a weekly or daily membership shall be issued a key or a photo identification card.

CONTACT INFO: Ventnor City Fishing Pier
Phone: 609-823-7944

For issues after 4 p.m., please call the Ventnor City police department non-emergency number at (609) 822-2101


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