Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding.

Ventnor Fishing Pier, Atlantic Ave speeding and beach-tag checkers. Just a sampling of topics at the recent Ventnor Commissioners meeting of July, 9, 2020.

According to Commissioner Landgraf, Ventnor Fishing Pier having a few issues at night. Sometimes in the early morning, too.

Anglers seem to be sneaking in. Jumping the fence. Maybe slipping in with a friend.

Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding. 1 Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding.

Ventnor Fishing Pier is located at Cambridge Ave and the Boardwalk. It measures 1000 feet and is the longest of New Jersey’s ocean fishing piers.

Maybe the pier master shift should start at 6a, instead of 8a? Mayve open the fishing pier earlier? Take advantage of changing tides. Better for fishing.

Maybe we hire a night pier master for Friday and Saturday, 8p-mid?

Ventnor Pier security camera video is fed directly to Ventnor PD.

Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding. 2 Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding.
Smile & Say Cheese.
Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding. 3 Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding.

New Ventnor pier house & bathrooms have helped, big time.

Ventnor Fishing Pier is busier than ever.

Commissioner Landgraf

History of Ventnor Pier.

At least three piers have previously existed in Ventnor. The first was built around 1914. Fire destroyed the second pier in August of 1940. One pier was destroyed in the storm of March, 1963. The current pier underwent a nine-month $3.2 million renovation project in 2007. It reopened on July 4, 2008. 

Fishing Pier Fees

We accept Cash and Checks during Pier Office Hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

2020 Ventnor Pier Fees

Annual Fishing Fee (Adults)$150.00
Annual Fishing Fee (Seniors 62+)$125.00
Annual Fishing Fee (Youth 10-17)$40.00
Weekly Fishing Fee (7 days)$50.00
Daily Fishing Fee (Adults)$10.00
Daily Fishing Fee (Seniors 62+)$5.00
Daily Fishing Fee (Youth 10-17)$5.00
Annual Spectator Fee$40.00
Walk-On Fee (10 years and older)$5.00
Ventnor Fishing Pier

Ventnor Police Chief Biagi addressed speeding along Atlantic Ave.

  • More traffic enforcement. Side streets keeping patrols busy too.
  • New traffic lights in the future.
  • Road diets.
  • Digital speed sign collects data. Some speeders going 45mph.

Not enough Beach Tag checkers?

Should we have tag checkers at each beach entrance like other towns?

Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding. 4 Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding.


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6 thoughts on “Ventnor Fishing Pier News, Atlantic Ave Speeding.”

  1. We definitely need beach tag checker at Wissahickon Ave. We had one sitting on chair sleeping for one day. He had his legs stretched out so people had to walk around his legs. I see a lot of unfamiliar faces.

  2. John , 50+ yr Ventnor taxpayer

    Attention taxpayers and Ventnor Commissioners: The pier building is a wonderful addition to the experience. Beach attendees do need a rest room, access to the bench area needs to be extended to at least 1030 pm!! In the future, our city needs to construct some type of structure on the end to shelter the anglers from the intense sunlight or unexpected lighting strikes. Most importantly, I have been walking and riding my bike to to the pier for over 50 years and I am very disappointed I can not venture out to the benches after the bathrooms close!!!!! For decades,I have sat and talked to many people from around the world enjoying the night’s sounds and sights of the mid-section of the pier. It is vastly different than sitting on the boardwalk over sand. In all my time at the mid-section , I never observed behavior that was damaging or dangerous or warranted the VCPD to be called.
    I urge everyone to lobby the board to close the bathrooms at 8, if desired. But, allow the taxpayers and guests to walk the boards over the ocean to at least 1030 or 11 pm for the summer season. It can be done right, if you think it through!

  3. I can’t understand how this Ventnor Pier has become so complicated. The tax payers of Ventnor paid for this pier, it sounds like the tax payers are paying for a a person and now maybe more persons to manage something(?) If this pier is such a public danger then maybe the city should think about just removing the pier. Sounds like residence either don’t get use of this asset or are abusing it.

    I also wonder about this admission fee. An annual spectator fee is $40.00, the annual fisherman fee is $150.00. At that price, members gain full access to the pier. That charge could not even pay for the debt service on a 10 million dollar asset. Then we add a monitor now maybe more to watch the pier and collect revenue for 18 hours a day now? Seven days a week now?

    With all these liability issues, is this asset really worth it to the taxpayers of Ventnor. The city counsel needs to provide a P&L statement to the taxpayers, then put it on the ballot.

    1. Don’t be such a buzz kill. It’s a wonderful new addition to Ventnor. The new building is spectacular and the pier is a special place as is the boardwalk , both unique to the town. So stop complaining about good things and look at constructive ways to make Ventnor better and more attractive.

  4. Did you know that the Post Office isn’t delivering our mail?? Did we receive any phone alerts about that? NO!!! That would be too sensible and important. Thank the incompetent, self-serving Mayor and his 3 con-man commissioners.

  5. Has anyone had their car ransacked and things stolen? I had mine ransacked on Tuesday night between 11pm and 6 am on Frankfort Ave. Please let people know to lock their cars and keep valuables out of cars. I think we might have a camera view of the incident

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