Ventnor Foodies Enjoy Food Truck Festival By The Bay

ventnor food truck festival

Perfect weather, a bayside view, pet-friendly and 500+ ready to chow down at the very first, Ventnor Food Truck Festival at ‘Ski Beach’, the park at Dorset Ave on the bay.

Live bands provided the soundtrack to a full array of gourmet food trucks, vendor booths, and a colorful kids area.

Hungry mouths lined up for a tasty variety of gourmet treats including filled-to-order cannoli’s, fresh squeezed lemonade, tacos, gooey cheese melts, smoky ribs, Korean fusion, and the simple but always welcomed, hot dog with 5 different toppings.

Rave reviews all around for Ventnor’s first foodie festival by the bay.

Some expressed surprise at the scenic beauty of this little park, tucked away on the bay at the other end of Dorset Ave. ‘Downbeach Insiders’ already know this is the place for gorgeous sunsets and gather there nightly.

Many, like Ralph & Angela Jacobs, want to see more foodie events like this.

The Jacobs, a Philadelphia couple that always vacations in Ventnor, sampled trucks for tacos, cheesy melts and Asian offerings. They’d love more food-focused events like this one. ‘Maybe even a Taste of Ventnor, where we could sample all of Ventnor’s restaurants in one place.’ Sounds like a winner to us.

How can Downbeach foodie events like the Ventnor Food Truck Festival be even better? We did hear requests for more traditional seating arrangements. While many sat down in the green grass or along the water, some would have preferred a few picnic tables to enjoy their meal.