Ventnor Foodies Welcome Vince & Val’s Pizza Fresca

Vince & Val’s

Many of us are mourning the loss of Pop a Pizza in Ventnor. One such foodie, Margate’s Mark Lovett, will really miss that little eatery. Looks like his sadness will be short lived. Lovett is now smitten with the new owners that took over that popular eatery.

“Vince and Val’s Pizza Fresca”. 6418 Ventnor Ave in Ventnor.

Mark ordered a chicken salad. ‘Without a doubt, it was most freshest I’ve ever eaten’ says Mark. Mixed greens, romaine, cherry tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, radish, shaved carrot and chicken, all topped off with a nice dose of home made mozzarella cheese. Yup. They make their own mozzarella cheese.

An Italian family operation.

Like salads? The greens are ultra-fresh. For $8.50, it was a tremendous value. A gourmet salad.

Seating is limited, but more on the way. Vince and Val’s now open. 100 % Italian. 100% delicious.

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Biddo Pachelli says: I just came back from Vince & Vals. I had to try that chicken salad it looked so good. They didn’t skimp on anything plenty of chicken in every bite, it could feed 2. The pizza looked amazing , you could tell it has quality ingredients just by looking at it. I’m not sure if the 2 guys working there were the owners or the cooks or both, but they were really nice. I wish them well here in Ventor!

Steve Markus says: V&V is authentic NYC pizza. They plan on cornering the market, and based on (my) first 3 slices, at 3 different times, they will. Charlene and Vinny were from the neighborhood I grew up in, in Brooklyn. Looking forward to many more pies from them!

Belly Buster Special

  • 1 large pie with 1 free topping
  • 6 wings and 2 liter soda
  • $19.95 + tax

2 thoughts on “Ventnor Foodies Welcome Vince & Val’s Pizza Fresca”

  1. Cesare and Catherine Menichelli

    Just had a pie from Vince & Val’s. Omg I have not tasted a pie that good since we left Trenton.Also had to try the chicken salad since so many people rave about it. Yes the salad is that good! You cannot beat their prices and the owners are just nice and happy to please.Welcome to the neighborhood Vinny and Val! Thanks for bringing the best pizza to our hometown.

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