Ventnor Grapples With Danger of Motorized Bikes on Boardwalk

Lee Whitman lives at the Vassar Square condominiums along the boardwalk. Like many others, he’s concerned about the growing bike traffic on the boardwalk. 

Bikes are traveling at very high rates of speed, even when the popular boardwalk is packed with pedestrians.

This is dangerous. Motorized bikes on the Ventnor boardwalk creates a real public safety problem. Mayor Beth Holtzman and commissioners Kriebel and Landgraf are well aware of that fact. 

‘We do have enforcement’ says Ventnor Public Safety Commissioner, Tim Kriebel.

Ventnor’s Commissioner of Public Safety is Tim Kriebel.

Commissioner Landgraf: ‘We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet.’ 

While the growth of boardwalk biking can cause issues with pedestrians, the real problem is motorized, e-bikes. They’re fast and heavy. Motorized-bikes can cause some real damage if the rider loses control and hits someone. Small children and seniors are most at risk from illegal motor-biking on the Ventnor boardwalk.

Bike speed limits and biking hours are not the issue. Motorized bikes on the Ventnor Boardwalk are the problem.

Ventnor Public Comment

Battery powered bicycles are not supposed to be on the boardwalk. You know they’re motorized vehicles. They shouldn’t be on the boardwalk. Policing is difficult. We just don’t have the manpower to do something like that. To put somebody up there. All that time. 

Landgraf: People are going to break the law. If we catch them, they get warned. The second time, they get fined. We are aware of it and we’re trying to work towards a solution. 

Kriebel says ‘We do have enforcement on the weekends.’ 

Commissioner Kriebel: There were incidents. I saw some myself. It’s an ongoing problem. Think we’ll also put more signage on the Margate side where we get an influx of bikes all at once. 

4 thoughts on “Ventnor Grapples With Danger of Motorized Bikes on Boardwalk”

  1. Anonymous Resident

    Good thing we have OVER 7 months till Memorial Day Week End to have an EFFECTIVE PLAN IN PLACE BEFORE SUMMER 2022 arrives .

  2. There is a reason for the word “WALK” as used in the word “BOARDWALK”
    From the very beginning of boardwalk construction our founders
    knew the dangers of just BICYCLES mixed with PEDESTRIANS.
    Which exists to this very day…!!! for many years there were Boardwalk
    Police who would demand bicycle riders to dismount & walk beside their
    bikes. This enforcement is no longer available due to costs associated
    with having patrolmen on the boardwalk.
    In short …. “MOTORIZED BIKES” should not be allowed on the Boardwalk…..!!!

    1. Is that the same reason for the word walk in sidewalk where you can ride bicycles? Such brilliant logic by you. You write…!!! Like a …!!! Elementary school child…!!!

      And no, I agree that there should not be bicycles, especially those motorized ones on the boardwalk. Perhaps the middle ground between financially not feasible regular patrolmen, and no police presence is targeted, periodic enforcement — like they do with DUI checkpoints or speed traps.

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