Ventnor Grapples With Sanitized Recreation Rules. WATCH VIDEO.

Wear a mask while playing pickle-ball and tennis? How about gloves? Ventnor Fire Chief Cahill says it’s not easy playing with an N-95 mask on.

The Ventnor Recreation Board met via ZOOM video conferencing on the evening May 12.

The following are notes from the meeting. Watch video clips from the actual meeting above.

Potential guidelines were discussed and suggested by Director Jerry Thomas and the recreation committee. Note: Ventnor Commissioners make the ultimate calls on stuff like this.

The Recreation Board is appointed by the Mayor of Ventnor and is made up of city residents. Their duties include : planning, promoting, and administering comprehensive recreational programs for the Ventnor City community.

Questions discussed:

  • Removing all benches currently inside the tennis & pickle-ball courts?
  • How will monies / fees be handled?
  • Can portable wash stations be provided?

Susan Van Duyne asked: Should we have liability forms specific to covid? Get them signed? ‘No such thing’ says Chief Cahill.

Contact Recreation Director, Jerry Thomas:

See too many on the courts? Stay home.

Chief Cahill thinks some Ventnor activities (too much human density) won’t open til MID-JUNE.

Volleyball league. Going strong for past 40 yrs. Director Scott not comfortable with starting the season. Too many people. That’s too bad since the volley ball courts just had new lighting installed.

Sports Camps. Questionable for Summer 2020. Will parents want their kids to participate?

Surf Camp. Sanitize the surf boards? Plenty of social distancing in the ocean.

Ventnor Fire Chief Cahill: Ventnor will have EMT’s on the beach. With PPE (personal protection equipment) appropriate for the call.

Lots of Ventnor events postponed or on-hold. Much of it dependent on whims of NJ Gov Murphy.

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