Ventnor Handing out Bigger Fines for Dogs on beach or Boardwalk

Ventnor Handing out Bigger Fines for Dogs on beach or Boardwalk 1 Ventnor Handing out Bigger Fines for Dogs on beach or Boardwalk

Ventnor will soon roll out stricter penalties for having dogs on the beach or boardwalk.

There’s a growing amount of complaints about people walking their dogs where it’s not permitted.

There was a recent attack on the beach by a dog. We had a young lady attacked a couple of weeks ago. The dog was off a leash.

Mayor Landgraf

Listen to audio from APRIL 27 Ventnor Commission meeting:

Mayor Landgraf: I’m on the beach every day with my dog on a leash. If I see another (unleashed) dog there, I’m going have a police officer come down. I’m tired of seeing it. It’s a problem. This will be enforced extremely strictly.

Oh he’s fine. He’s fine. No, he’s not fine. He’s gonna run off and he can attack somebody. That’s exactly what happened. We’re not gonna allow that to happen anymore.

$200 for the first offense, $500 for the 2nd and $1,500 for 3rd.

Dogs not permitted on Boardwalk at any time. Certified service dogs on a leash are OK though.

Most people follow rules. Ones that don’t, cause the problems.

No unleashed dogs anywhere, the beach and Ventnor Boardwalk.

Your dog must always be on a leash. Big dog, small dog. No matter. It needs to be on a leash.


14 thoughts on “Ventnor Handing out Bigger Fines for Dogs on beach or Boardwalk”

  1. Much like the news about the motorized bikes yesterday, this is great news for reasonable adults and bad news for the arrogant and entitled. Enforcement and consistency are the key !

  2. Good for Ventnor! Margate needs to start enforcing it’s dog/beach rules. Too many times I see police on quads patrolling and NOT enforcing existing dog rules. Especially in the south end.

  3. Ventnor needs to put large signs on the boardwalk that clearly warn people they will be fined. Don’t rely on word of mouth or Facebook posts. Put big signs on the boardwalk so it’s clear to potential offenders they will be fined!

  4. The city of Margate should enforce the rule for all dogs off leashes whether they are on the beach or boardwalk or in residential neighborhoods.

  5. No dogs on the boardwalk at any time should be enforced. Dogs on beach on leash in off season only., should be enforced.

  6. Great news! And yes, now Margate needs to follow and do the same before the summer season starts….

  7. @Dave – I’ve been bitten by a dog and had to get surgery. Yes, the owner later said the dog had never done anything. All that occurred is me walking by and something triggered the dog. Now imagine when the owner cannot restrain a bigger dog that can cause serious injuries. So, yes I am scared of dogs. No, I don’t want them in and around the beach or boardwalk.

    Dog was a German shepherd.

  8. Margate needs to do the same. My neighbor was bit terribly last year when a dog, not on a leash, basically attacked him while he was riding his bike.

    The owner didn’t even apologize, she just grabbed her dog and took off. Dogs do not belong on the beach, even off season.

    Take them to the dog beach.

  9. Then please have a dog park or something in town. As someone who was born and raised in Ventnor, coming back to visit my family with a dog is a very unwelcoming experience.

    Thank you to Ventnor Coffee and Wahine Wine Co for being awesome! Aside from those spots there is nowhere to bring your dog or for dogs to get exercise in this city.

    I feel like just walking my dog down the street is unwanted by the community. It is very odd and off putting.

    I understand all of your concerns but there also needs to be something for dogs and people with dogs.

    Or just put up a sign when you enter town that says “No Dogs Welcome”. At least you wouldn’t be beating around the bush.

  10. I have been bitten by a dog. It tore right through my shirt and pants. The owner just walked away. I walk on the Ventnor beach daily and have had numerous encounters with unleashed dogs. The owners always say that their dog will not hurt me. But, they jump up on my legs or in two cases, the dog charged and almost knocked me down. I was a dog owner in the past but now I am afraid of all dogs.

  11. Proposed fines not steep enough for non-compliance. $10,000 first offense then double to $20,000 for second offense should solve the problem.

    People inclined to jeopardize safety of others are not motivated by altruism PERIOD, only MONEY or it’s loss!

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