Ventnor Heights To Get New, Modern Fire Station

Ventnor will soon demolish Fire Station No. 2 on Wellington Avenue, near the ACME in Ventnor Heights. A new, modern firehouse will be constructed in it’s place.

Commissioners requested proposals for architectural and engineering services. Proposals will include estimated cost of replacement.

Built in 1974 as a short term, safety solution, the Ventnor Fire Station 2, has seen better days.

  • Leaks rainwater
  • Worn siding
  • Wood rot out
  • Outdated building standards.
  • Potential for mold
  • Not hurricane resistant

Two firefighters are on duty at all times at that location on the corner of Wellington & Little Rock . The station was originally built to accommodate one firefighter on duty. Today, two firefighters have to share 200 square feet, 24 hours at a time.

The red building known as Station 2,  houses two engines, an ambulance and a rescue vessel.

Ventnor Heights is separated from the rest of Ventnor. Rescue units rely on the Dorset Avenue drawbridge to reach both sides of the Ventnor waterway. The bridge is too risky, as it often gets stuck. That’s why a satellite station must exist in the Heights.

The City already bonded (borrowed) for projects like this. It will take 18 months to rebuild.

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