ventnor Launches RecDesk to Manage Events & programs.

ventnor Launches RecDesk to Manage Events & programs. 1 ventnor Launches RecDesk to Manage Events & programs.

The City of Ventnor is excited to launch RecDesk. This state-of-the-art software will allow Ventnor residents & visitors to learn about programs as they become available, register from their own phone or computer, and securely submit payments for programs and facility rentals. 

You’ll also be able to manage the schedules of your household members all from one web site.

With RecDesk, you will be able to create your member profile or your family member profile and start registering. 

The need to utilize REC DESK system for creating rosters and attendance lists, organizing teams, vendor information and other important safety information and forms.

Ventnor can no longer accept paper registration forms.

Ventnor can still process checks or cash (in-office only) for you if credit card payment is not an option. However, you will still need to create a member profile at RecDesk. Get started by visiting the web address below:

View these short videos to learn more about REC DESK: creating an account and signing up for programs.

 Questions answered by emailing:


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