Ventnor & Longport Lag Behind Margate: Commissioner Meeting Transparency

Margate City Commisioners
Margate Commissioners Offer Meeting Transparency. When Will Ventnor?

How can elected Downbeach leadership provide better transparency to all taxpayers? Just follow the lead of Margate and Brigantine.

Margate City is still the only Downbeach town that records and quickly posts the audio from all Commissioner meetings…online. Margate also posts audio from planning board meeting too. Are the school board meetings next?

Margate and Brigantine are the only 2, local shore towns (in this area) that provide an enhanced level of municipal transparency….via the Internet.

Does Ventnor leadership think taxpayers can attend all the meetings at City Hall?

‘If Ventnor residents want to keep up with local issues, and chime in, they should come to the meetings.’ That’s what Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman told DownbeachBUZZ a few months back. Do Commissioners Landgraf & Kriebel feel the same way?

Busy moms & dads, and taxpayers that live elsewhere in the off-season, don’t have the luxury of attending Ventnor commissioner meetings.

On multiple occasions, Ventnor elected officials were made aware that cost and technology hurdles are no longer an issue.

YouTube provides free & easy hosting of meeting audio/video clips. To date, Ventnor leadership has yet to adopt these common tools. Step by step plans were offered, but have yet to be implemented.

With well over 60% of Ventnor taxpayers being part-time residents, maybe Holtzman, Landgraf & Kriebel can throw these non-voting taxpayers a bone…..and let them follow the municipal action via the Internet? We recall they promised that while campaigning.

Even Facebook Live would offer a way for more citizens to keep up with municipal meetings.

Brigantine is the only town (in this area) that provides a fully array of platforms to follow their City Council. Brigantine provides a live cable-TV feed, live Internet streaming, and a recorded feed for on-demand viewing via YouTube.