Ventnor Losing Popular Cardinal Bistro Restaurant to Atlantic City

Cardinal Bistro to Exit Ventnor

Cardinal Bistro made their Ventnor debut in the Summer of 2016. The fine dining establishment on the corner of Ventnor & New Haven Aves quickly established a loyal following.

And now, after just 3 years, the owners of Cardinal Bistro crave a greater challenge and new location. They want to roll-out a new concept too. This time, in Atlantic City.

Cardinal Bistro will remain open in Ventnor until May 27, 2019. The final dinner will be served on Memorial Day 2019 with limited seating and reservations available.

Cardinal owners Michael and Thomas have yet to share info on where exactly, they’re going in AC. But DownbeachBUZZ does know they’ll take on additional partners in Atlantic City.

The closing of Cardinal Bistro follows the departure last year of popular Ventnor eateries: Sage and Lisa’s. To date, we’re not optimistic a new restaurant operator will be up and running in those prime spots for Summer 2019. Hope we’re wrong about that one.

No worries. Ventnor will not go hungry as long as tasty offerings from establishments like SAPORE and the RED ROOM continue to thrive, surprise and satisfy.


Some foodie favorites in Ventnor:

  • MEGU Sushi
  • Sapore
  • Sacco Subs
  • Agnes Cafe
  • 7311
  • Domenico’s
  • Red Room

The Ventnor restaurant scene will get a nice boost later this year with Water Dog Smoked Fish and Santucci’s Square Pizza.

Will It Evolve Into Something Bigger?

Downbeach foodies could benefit from a ‘Ventnor Restaurant Week’

Current restaurant events in Ventnor, while well-meaning and popular for locals, are held in the off-season. Not good in our opinion.

Much like the popular event in Atlantic City, we’re convinced that a Ventnor Restaurant Week would be wildly popular.

Most summer visitors never get to take advantage of the annual Ventnor event known as ‘Chef’s Night Out’. With limited audience participation, multiple restaurants have expressed concerns they’re feeding the same people, year after year, during the popular promotion.

DownbeachBUZZ hopes to… one day…. report on the debut of Ventnor Restaurant Week, held during late May or June when more visitors can sample the excellent offerings of this Downbeach town’s culinary crafters.

Prediction: Chef’s Night Out will evolve into Ventnor Restaurant Week. If not, watch somebody else run with this idea.

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