Ventnor Mayor Blasted For Atlantic City Skating Rink Remarks.

Adjacent to Bader Field in Atlantic City is the popular Skate Zone ice rink. It’s a once shiny jewel desperately in need of upgrades & repair.

Earlier this year, Skate Zone on Albany Ave was on the verge of being shuttered by Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. This bothered a neighboring Mayor.

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman: ‘I’ve heard so many times that Atlantic City officials want to change it to a roller skating rink because the ice skating rink is used by all ‘white kids not from Atlantic City.’

Tibbitt Goes Ballistic on Holtzman

Atlantic City Council President Tibbitt Fuming Over Ventnor Mayor.

Listen: Hurley WPG Radio. 12.12.22

City of Atlantic City temporarily operating ice skating rink through April 2023. Mayor Marty Small wants to turn ice rink into roller-skating rink. Tibbitt wants to run Skate Zone more efficiently at a profit. Leverage Skate Zone and build roller rink right next door. Enjoy potential economies of scale.

On his weekly webcast, Johnny Ex of Ducktown Tavern tore the Ventnor Mayor another you know what.


“City of Atlantic City has master lease with Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) for land where Skate Zone currently exists. CRDA, through a sublease with Comcast, built facility on this land, now operated and known as Atlantic City Skate Zone. Upon termination of lease on April 14, 2022, facility reverted to City.

Mayor Small wants best possible long-term use for this facility. Keeping interest of Atlantic City residents in mind.

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Roller skating has a broader appeal due to: easier to learn and cheaper to participate. Lower maintenance costs. Running ice rink is expensive. So is participation. Placing both ice & roller rink side by side could benefit from economies of scale.

Skate Zone, Albany Ave. Atlantic City.

Ernest Coursey represents Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate & Longport as an Atlantic County Commissioner.

Coursey is also Chief of Staff for embattled Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. Both Small and Coursey no longer consider Ventnor Mayor Holtzman as an ally due to her pulled endorsement of Coursey.

Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey, D-1 has issued a blatantly racial assessment, calling Egg Harbor Township a “white town” in a letter to The Atlantic County Board of Elections, written on April 5, 2022.

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