Ventnor Memory Park Readies for Public Debut

After three years of hard work & fund raising, the Ventnor Memory Park is almost ready for it’s public debut.

80’ x 87’ tract of Ventnor land transformed into an urban oasis, near the border of Atlantic City. The corner of Nashville & Ventnor Ave.

Ventnor Memory Park

When will Ventnor Memory Park open?

According to Park co-founder Paula DeLuca, before it can open, a small foot bridge needs to be installed, along with planting gully & monarch flyway with boulder garden.

After that, the property will need to get a CO, certificate of occupancy, from the City of Ventnor.

Ventnor Memory Park Security

Tall, ornate fencing surrounds the park. Security Cameras and other digital tools will monitor the gates and locks. & VCPD can tap into security feed.

About five individuals will have access to the cameras. The insurance carrier required a park monitoring system in order to deter vandalism.

DeLuca: Security access has been offered to VCPD … same kind of thing that happens when they check up on a reported break in and then ask around the neighborhood if anybody has RING or another setup.

Privately-financed, philanthropically driven project for city beautification. An Urban “Pocket Park”.

Mission of the Ventnor Memory Park:

  • Preserve open space
  • Feature native, coastal species: trees, shrubs, perennials
  • Practice conservation of resources
  • Enliven community engagement
Ventnor Memory Park

No taxpayer dollars were used. This is a private citizen initiative. A non-profit. Unknown if this Ventnor property is tax-exempt.

  • Finance land acquisition; 4 lots unified into single tract
  • Professional and design fees
  • Permit costs, bonding
  • Other expenses
Ventnor Memory Park

Ventnor Memory Park

Townhouses will soon be built next door and will block some views of the park. They tried to buy the corner lot, but ultimately decided against it. Engineering firm believed oil tanks were buried there. They were right. Bocce ball court could have been there.

Ventnor stakeholders can commemorate LOVED ONES and those who have celebrated special milestones.

As a PUBLIC, OPERATING non-profit 501c3, donations from the general public and NGO grant-making charities play an important role in the non-profit’s operation.

Public, operating non-profits are designed to endure indefinitely and through a succession of boards of Trustees extending through generations.

At the conclusion of its fifth year of existence, in December 2022, the IRS will expect to see that Ventnor Memory Park has derived, and is deriving, financial support from “the public.”

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  1. South Jersey Players, Inc. a local 501c3, is excited to see the Ventnor Memorial Park’s progress. SJP, Inc. hopes to produce a socially-distanced outdoor theater event in the park this spring/summer. Congratulations to Paula and Joe for their dedication to this stunning project!

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