Ventnor Missing Out On Beach Ice-Cream Revenue?

Will Ventnor Raise Beach Ice-Cream Fees?
Will Ventnor Raise Beach Ice-Cream Fees?

Ventnor leadership may charge more….much more….for the rights to sell ice cream on the beach. The fee could jump from $55….. to at least $500 for the summer season in Ventnor.

Another South Jersey shore town in search of revenue. Some want the Ventnor beach ice-cream fee to be $5,000 or more.

Ventnor and Margate Beach Ice Cream Revenue

The recently formed, Ventnor Citizens Committee, want commissioners to raise the vendor fee.

Better yet, why not have Ventnor put it out to bid?

  • Ventnor’s total beach ice cream revenue for 2018 was just $850
  • Summer 2018: Margate brought in $54,000 from ice cream vendors
  • In 2018, Longport sold beach ice cream rights for $30,000

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