Ventnor Movie Demolition Part 2. Taxes, Parking & Liquor License Questions.

The building that once housed Best Bites on Ventnor Ave. is no more. The property is down, helping make way for a driveway / parking area for the new Ventnor movie theater.

The much anticipated Ventnor theater could be open by Spring 2019. Flicks downstairs, food & drink upstairs.

Still to be announced by Ventnor City Commissioners:

  • 1, 2 or 3 screens? The number of concurrent movies screens in play, could affect parking availability. Lot in back looks to hold 35-50 cars?
  • Tax breaks. How sweet will they be? Credits. Abatement. A PILOT? Payment in Lieu of Taxes? We understand the need for Ventnor to get aggressive here. They needed to attract a developer. But how aggressive?
  • Liquor License. Will new owners need to BID in an upcoming auction? To best of our knowledge, current market value of license needed, is approx $70k. Will city leverage other tactics to award license to movie developer?

ventnor movie theater

ventnor movie theater

ventnor movie theater


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