Ventnor New Home Construction, Investor and Business Revival.

Ventnor Boardwalk
Luxury Home Construction Along Ventnor Boardwalk.

No longer just a town you drive thru to get from Margate to Atlantic City. Or from Brigantine to Ocean City.

Ventnor is arguably one of the hottest shore towns along the Jersey shore. That’s not hyperbole.

Plenty of high-end construction along the boardwalk, and have you noticed all those hot new restaurants?

And let’s not forget about the Ventnor movie theater that will open one day soon.

Ventnor Movie Construction. June 2020.

Ventnor features a good bit of older housing stock. Even on blocks close to the beach. Makes prime target for redevelopment, upgrades, tear-downs and new construction.

Compared to other Jersey shore towns, you get more bang for your real estate buck in Ventnor.

Long Time Downbeach Realtor

Ventnor vacation home construction is on a tear. Especially along the popular boardwalk.

This burst of new construction in Ventnor often leads to higher property values and assessments. That means more revenue for Ventnor to use for structural upgrades and community services.

While other shore towns seem over-developed, Ventnor has plenty of room for smart growth.

Investors are taking notice. Major developers are everywhere.

New Construction.

Ventnor Fishing Pier Upgrades.

Ventnor’s Restaurant Row

Pocket Park Construction, North Beach Section of Ventnor

6 thoughts on “Ventnor New Home Construction, Investor and Business Revival.”

  1. Glad to see new construction . Hope it will help tax rate to decrease and lower home owners real estate property taxes. Will know late July – early August ?

    1. Would Love to see that! Taxes have been gone up big over the last 10yrs – more than Margate, Longport, & OC. Let’s do the right thing with the funds for once

    2. Second owner since 1978

      Lower taxes, you have to be kidding. Local politicians will find new ways to spend your tax dollars. Never be tax reductions!!

  2. Great news but local officials need to know how to get government grants to repair our infrastructure, like sidewalks and curbs, storm water etc.

  3. Redevelopment and new construction are great, but let’s not teardown all of Ventnor or else well have to change the name to North Sea Isle.
    One of the charms of Ventnor is our architecture: the beautiful Victorian and Foursquare homes typical of the North Beach neighborhood.
    I would like to see more support for restoration rather than redevelopment of these precious beauties.

  4. Lower taxes really ? Ac press article Sept 29 2017 ventnor settles 5 union contracts ,this allows the city to concentrate on infrastructure,without hefty tax increase quoted (Leon costello)auditor ,along with the ventnor city administration Leon told the city to put there wish list together for for capitol improvements ,and with the savings of six hundred thousand dollars over 13 years the city bonded over 10 million dollars for capital improvements can you tell me where ,I see all department heads with new cars ,ventnor pier didn’t they receive a green acres grant for that hmmm what about Oxford ave the flooding that still occurs every time it rains after putting in a new pump does that pump work ,I think not ,and this administration bonded 3.3 million for the new firehouse really 3.3 million ,now if the imagine ventnor team could share services or possibly combine police ,fire ,services with Margate or possibly the almost empty Granville ave and Union Ave schools ,could be combined and used by the three downbeach towns ,could we ever imagine great things that could be done to help ventnor tax payers !!!!!

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