Ventnor OK’s Outdoor Dining Starting June 15

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Border of Ventnor & Margate

During Ventnor’s Commission meeting of June 11, officials voted to allow local restaurants to offer outdoor dining on their sidewalks starting Monday, June 15.

Seating arrangements can’t block pedestrian walkways. All tables and chairs must be removed by 11p each day.

Restaurants must provide the City of Ventnor with a hold-harmless agreement indemnifying the city of all claims. Proof of insurance is also mandatory.

The Ventnor outdoor dining resolution coincides with NJ Gov Murphy’s latest executive orders.

ventnor Restaurant

One out-of-the-box idea that was floated: Ventnor now considering ‘parklets’ that covert parking spaces into outdoor dining areas.

Some restaurant owners fear losing valuable parking spaces. This could especially hurt those who rely on take-out and pick-up.

Can tents be set up? Can tables be placed in the parking spots of Ventnor Ave? Maybe, if they don’t interfere with pedestrians.

Ventnor Restaurant Row
Ventnor’s Restaurant Row

Ventnor restaurant owners may need to obtain an agreement with the adjacent property owner if they expand seating beyond their property line.

Ventnor restaurants must apply for zoning, police and fire approval.

Can some streets be closed? Yes, but there’s plenty of hoops to jump thru though. We can’t close Ventnor and Dorset Aves says Commissioner Landgraf, but maybe a portion of some side streets could work.

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