Ventnor Opting-Out on Cannabis Sales For Now.

Ventnor Commissioners looking to prohibit cannabis business within the city limits, even though recreational weed is now legal in NJ for adults 21+.

Towns like Ventnor & Margate have until Aug. 22 to opt-in… or opt-out.. of cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sales of marijuana, edibles, and other cannabis products.

Opting-out now, allows Ventnor to reconsider later. Towns are still waiting for State of NJ to adopt regulations regarding operation and enforcement for marijuana and cannabis business.

Ventnor looks to ban cannabis related businesses for now.

Ventnor City Solicitor Tim Maguire: “How can you opt-in when you’re not 100% sure what you are opting-in for?

Solicitor Tim McGuire: Safer bet to OPT-OUT for now, revisit later.

Another marijuana related ordinance was also introduced on Thursday, May 13. It’s a modification of current Ventnor City code that bans smoking tobacco on city property. The ordinance update would also ban smoking, eating and vaping of cannabis products on any Ventnor City property like the beach, boardwalk, city playgrounds and/or parks.

Ventnor Cannabis Marijuana

Note: Adults can still consume cannabis products in any form. Cannabis products can also be delivered to any Downbeach home.

Penalty for violation: Between $100 and $1,000 or up to 30 days of community service at discretion of the Ventnor municipal court judge.

A Ventnor public hearing on these two cannabis ordinances will be held on Thursday May 27 at 5:30p.

6 thoughts on “Ventnor Opting-Out on Cannabis Sales For Now.”

    1. What a missed opportunity for the fine folks of Ventnor. The benefits of cannabis are immeasurable.

      Enobj, PhD, PMP

  1. Does ventnor not like money?

    So people will jjust buy it in AC. Just a little drive and AC gets the tax $. Big brain move ventnor.

    Meanwhile Ventnor has liquor stores which peddle a far more dangerous, unhealthy, and addictive drug. Zero deaths in all of human history from weed. Oh well the boomers will all be dead soon and we can have common sense regulations.

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