Ventnor PD Arrest Bank Robber, Sex Offender Wanted By US Marshals

Ventnor Police took a very dangerous person off the street last week. More than just a petty bike thief, David Raza of Ventnor, 42, is a convicted sex offender and bank robber.

Raza now in federal custody for violating parole after serving jail time for bank robbery.

On Wed, May 26 at 4:08 AM, at Surrey & Boardwalk in Ventnor, Patrolman Gabriel Henao observed a male riding a bike while pulling another. He was identified as David P. Raza, 42, from Ventnor.


A warrant check revealed Raza to be a fugitive from justice and wanted by the United States Marshals Service.

Raza is also a HIGH RISK Tier 3 sex offender.

According to Breaking AC, David Raza, 42, of Ventnor, was kicked out of at least two sober living homes and a detox center before a federal warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to Breaking AC, Raza moved into a sober living home Feb. 3, 2021. He was quickly kicked out after getting caught drinking. Raza’s probation officer convinced the sober-living home to allow him back if he completed a detox program.

  • Lewd or lascivious battery against young child (12-15yrs old)
  • Offered money and jewelry to 12 yr-old female girl in return for sex
  • Assaulted mentally disabled female

Read more at BREAKING AC.

11 thoughts on “Ventnor PD Arrest Bank Robber, Sex Offender Wanted By US Marshals”

  1. The Mayor and her voted in officials need to use this as a good reminder to put a stop to the Hansen’s take over of Ventnor and protect the voters who supported them. Let’s not regret doing nothing but talking about what can be done. “PROTECT the CHILDREN”

  2. Chuck Labarre

    It’s Definitely a Hanson not so sober house ! Jen Hanson Greenberg let’s anyone in as long as she gets the state money for even a 4 time loser. The guy is the highest tier sex offender.

  3. ” Breaking AC notes the sober living facility David Raza was at the Maryville Addiction Treatment Center in Williamstown, Gloucester County not one in this county.

  4. Wuhan 19 has become the number one excuse for an offender’s get out of jail (rehab) card. A high level criminal receives a possible positive so liberal fruitcakes put a repeat offender(s) before the safety, welfare and freedom before that of our children.

  5. How about the parking people pay thousands of dollars in taxes on those streets and Hanson houses take all the spots all thru Ventnor and it effects our businesses years ago you had to prove you could supply parking spots what happened to that rule

  6. The Ventnor police officer who made the arrest should be recognized at the next city council meeting. Hansen should be invited to produce documents on how she screens occupants at her houses for the residence of ventnor to hear. ONCE again TIER 3 sex offender roaming the streets of ventnor and Hansen not being held accountable.

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