Ventnor Pedestrian Safety, Bike Paths, Boardwalk Race Track.

Bike and pedestrian safety in Ventnor was a prime topic of discussion at the recent, April 12 commissioners meeting. Bike lanes on Atlantic Ave was one specific topic. The issue most challenging: increased use of bikes on the Boardwalk.

It’s a good thing for Ventnor to be bike friendly. No wonder AAAA Bikes is so busy. Unfortunately, some bikers feel the boardwalk is a racetrack. This is both dangerous and disrespectful.

We’ve personally witnessed seniors hit by a bike. It was ugly. Kids and pets are especially vulnerable to a bicyclist zipping along. Sometimes, while texting on their smart phone. We see that insanity often. Really.

Increased use of pedal-assist or electric powered bikes on Ventnor boardwalk.

We understand why power-assist bikes are helpful for those who really need it. But we also see electric bikes utilized by those who don’t need the help. This is problematic on the boardwalk.

Speeding on the boardwalk. It’s common. Well over 20 mph. Crazy. Sometimes it’s someone using the boardwalk as a racetrack. Other times, it’s someone throttling-up their powerful electric bike. Acting more like motorcycles or mini-bikes. Not good. A crack-down is needed here asap. Before someone gets hurt. Bad.

How to solve this growing bike-speed problem? Step #1 – education via appropriate signage on the boardwalk. Step # 2 – Boardwalk officers handing out warnings to 1st time offenders. Repeat offenders risk losing boardwalk riding privileges.

One bike issue that many struggle with: Bike riding is prohibited on the boardwalk after dark. Not sure why. Our lighted boardwalk is a very safe place to traverse in the evening. The street is not. Often, we are kindly directed by public safety, to ride on Atlantic Ave after dark. We comply, but still wonder why we’re mandated to use a much more dangerous place to bike after dark. Cars zip by at 35+ mph on Atlantic Ave. That particular speed limit is a separate story, for another day :)

We trust that Ventnor Commissioners & Public Safety will thoughtfully consider these issues.

What are YOUR thoughts? Join the conversation. Leave a comment below.

See April 12 video recorded by WE LOVE VENTNOR >

Note: The city still needs to do better job of recording audio from these meetings, and then posting them. (Like Margate)

Proper microphone usage is critical, as these recordings do become part of the public record. The typed meeting minutes rarely cover ALL of the discussions of that meeting. Most meeting minutes are only summaries. Public comment and other back-n-forth should be part of the public record.

Also: Those who are speaking, must speak closely into the microphone. We think this will get better over time tho.

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8 thoughts on “Ventnor Pedestrian Safety, Bike Paths, Boardwalk Race Track.”

  1. No dogs are allowed on the boardwalk at any time. It clearly states it on all the signs on the boardwalk but it is largely ignored and rarely enforced. If the Ventnor City Gov’t is going to enforce a boardwalk ordinance, it should be that one. There is nothing more disgusting than to see a dog urinate or defecate on the boardwalk and the owner just leave it there. Not to mention a lot of boardwalk patrons are scared of dogs and most dog owners let their dogs run free without a leash. Fix that first before the speeding bike issue.

  2. I am also disgusted and appalled by people who disregard the rule and walk their dog on the boardwalk. As a Ventnor taxpayer , I want our boardwalk to remain clean. More signs and more police presence is sorely needed.
    PS When dog walkers are reminded of the regulation, they become nasty and offensive. No dogs at anytime means no dogs at anytime. Enforce the rules that are on the books!

  3. Are you kidding us!! There are “NO Rules” enforced in Ventnor. Beach or Boardwalk. It’s a joke. You get hit in the head with any kind of ball people are throwing. Lifeguards seem to have blinders on when it comes to ball-playing. Also badge kids seem to swallow any excuse people give them for not having badges!!!!!!!Please enforce this, not fair to us that buy many badges every year. People walking dogs on beach!!! Again hey lifeguard can u see the dog??? I can. Not to mention alcohol. That’s a real joke. I could go on& on & on. Plenty of rules but none EVER enforced. WHY?????

  4. I think that motorized bikes should not be allowed on the boardwalk. Any vehicle with a motor should be using the roads.
    Regarding speeding, note that Margate reduced the Atlantic Avenue speed limit to 25 mph last year. This change put us in step with Longport and Atlantic City.

  5. For the safety of bike riders, there’s a lot that can be done, but the very first and the simplest action that Ventnor should do is to dilineate the bike lanes on Atlantic Avenue by striping at least the two blocks between the Margate line and Washington Avenue. More challenging is the creation of bike lanes to connect Ventnor Heights with the Boardwalk via the Dorset Avenue Bridge.

  6. I don’t have pets, but recognize that “dog friendly” is “family friendly”. Cities should accommodate dogs (and other outdoor pets) in public spaces wherever and whenever possible. Now it may be that poop is an issue. For example, when Margate got soaked last July-Aug (AKA “Lake Christie”), the worst bacteria was at Huntington…adjacent to the dog park. But still, the bias should be toward allowing dogs. Perhaps year-round badging for costs and accountability?

    As for bicycles: I both bike and walk the Boardwalk. As a narrow, shared space, cyclists, skaters and other wheeled travelers should be expected/required to go slow enough to stop safely and calm enough to not freak out walkers or sitters. Walk the bike if it’s really crowded. This does not need to be complicated. Cycle recklessly and you’re ticketed. Repeaters are banned. At the same time if the Boardwalk is open for walking at night, it should be open for cycling, with lights as the law requires. All that said, if Ventnor is like most places in the state, a lot more people on foot are hurt by the drivers of cars than they are by cyclists and that should be the city’s bigger concern.

    Best regards as always.

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