Ventnor Pickleball Court Makeover for 2023 Summer Season

Upgraded courts now open in Ventnor.
Ventnor Pickleball

The Ventnor Pickleball courts just finished a much needed makeover before official start of the 2023 summer season.

The friendly pickleball courts can be found on Suffolk Ave, between Atlantic Ave and the Ventnor Boardwalk.

Ventnor’s 7 pickleball courts underwent a surfacing process that included crack filling, surface repairs, color coatings & line striping.

The 7 Ventnor pickleball nets have either been repaired or replaced. Blue wind screens still need to be attached to fences.

The ‘challenge’ court.
Ventnor Pickleball
Laying out courts.

Ventnor Has 5 Tennis Courts

Tennis court repairs.

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4 thoughts on “Ventnor Pickleball Court Makeover for 2023 Summer Season”

  1. Why don’t somebody start replacing the basketball nets at Lafayette Avenue school I’m getting a little sick and tired of buying the Nets myself and putting them up

    1. Perhaps if you stop replacing them, others will. You’re enabling everyone else not to because they know you will. Psychology 101…

  2. This was needed. The courts are continuously user by hundreds of people of all ages. Maybe it is time to add at least four more courts by expanding iand using at least one or two of the tennis courts which sit unused most of the time.

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