Ventnor Planning Board Approves Santucci’s Pizza Plan

Santucci Pizza Ventnor

The folks behind Santucci’s Square Pizza got the big green light from Ventnor’s Planning Board on Nov 26. The board approved all needed variances for the planned Santucci’s (opening Summer 2019) at the site of the former Arrow Hardware on Ventnor Ave.

Santucci’s Square Pizza principle is Blake Barabuscio. Blake grew up in Ventnor.

Granted variances:

  • side and rear setback requirements
  • lot coverage
  • parking.

The final site plan was approved to rehabilitate the structure at 6413-6417 Ventnor Ave.

Santucci’s Square Pizza Ventnor. More than just a pizza parlor.

A full-service restaurant and bar. Planning for a Summer 2019 opening. Restaurant hours: 10a til midnight.

What about the limited parking? According to current Ventnor ordinance, they would need 113 parking spots for their 277-seat restaurant. That’s why they asked for a variance….and got it.

Santucci’s will have NO on-site parking. That’s a real concern. Sadly, a necessary evil. (Margate dealing with same challenges) Parking ordinances will soon be reviewed for that area.

NOTE: Major hope this development will benefit Ventnor residential real estate values.

What we know so far: Outside deck will have two levels and two bars.

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza has Philly locations in the Italian Market, Roxborough and North Philadelphia.

Founded in 1959 by Joseph and Philomela Santucci.

The Santucci’s restaurant is well known for their signature square pizza, pasta, entrees and sandwiches.

5 thoughts on “Ventnor Planning Board Approves Santucci’s Pizza Plan”

  1. If an individual home owner asked for this kind of leeway they would not get this kind of consideration. Remember voters the people that made these decisions are now getting ready to run for higher office. Pay attention and vote

  2. So sorry that I was not aware of this meeting and also sorry to post this so much time after this happened. I must admit I am REAL concerned with the plan for TWO BARS!!!!!!!! The liquor licenses were supposedly for restaurants and people eating dinner. I have opposed this idea since day one. We have been a BYOB town for over 100 years. If it it AIN’T broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately the current Administration favored this from day one and they did a clever good job to convince the citizens to vote for it. Believe me, I hope that I am wrong and it will not cause us problems on our streets and in our neighborhoods. We were assured over and over again, that it was for restaurants NOT bars.
    My hat is off to Alex at Sapore’s who choose to pass on obtaining a liquor license. It was no doubt tempting money wise for him but he choose to stay loyal to his BYOB customers and also allow his conscience to feel safe knowing no one walking out of his restaurant will have had too much to drink. I hope you BYOB customers, the same ones who choose to support your local liquor store and buy the $12.00 bottle of the wine that you like, and who will now have to pay $35.00 for that same bottle of wine will remember that when you are deciding where to go to dinner.

  3. Oops, one more thought while we are on the planning / zoning board. They just approved allowing a single family home located on South Hillside Avenue that is an area that is zoned only only for single family homes, to get a variance for a duplex. The buyers bought the property knowing it was zoned single family. 15 local residents opposed the approval. No one with the exception of the applicant favored it, yet it passed. What ever happened to our concerns for density and parking issues and tax costs? Are we casting aside the zoning ordinances that have been in effect for years and years. God forbid there happens to be two teenage children living in each of those two 3 bedroom units because guess what? You Ventnor residents will all be paying $22,000 per student to attend AC High School. 4 students X $22,000 = $88,000 per year x 4 years. Hummm. What a great idea for……………. the investor who does not live here and who knew in advance the variance was in the bag. Shame on the board for dong that. Next thing you know they will approve that on your street and then before you know the investor won’t be happy with a duplex and they will want a triplex. HELLO!! Anyone in there?

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