Ventnor Planning Board To Discuss Volatile St Leonard’s Tract Spot Zoning Plan

Ventnor Spot Zoning Dorset Ave St leonards Tract

Ventnor City Planning Board Agenda  for September 24, 2018, 6:30 pm

6201 Atlantic Ave, Ventnor N.J 084065.


Ventnor Memory Park – Esther, Joseph & Scipio Memorial Charity Foundation, Inc. – 5004 – 5010 Ventnor Ave, Block 50, Lots 13 – 16, located in an the Commercial Mixed Use Zone.

The applicant is requesting a D (Use) variance and site plan approval. The Proposed Development: “Pocket Park”/ Urban Green Space.

Will Lance Landgraf be OK with this great, open space idea….being a non-profit that enjoys tax breaks? Landgraf usually prefers high-density housing development.

The Ventnor Planning Board will also have a public discussion. Consideration of amendments to Ventnor City Zoning Ordinance. The potential for spot-zoning within St Leonard’s Tract, specifically land along the boardwalk, adjacent to Dorset Ave.

Ventnor City Planning Board Minutes from July 30, 2018:

The Ventnor City Planning Board held a public meeting to discuss the amendments to the zoning controls in the Residential 1 District, 102-12 through 102-14.

Roger McLarnon, Board Engineer and Professional Planner gave a brief history of the zoning requirements of the Residential 1 District, which borders the St. Leonard’s Tract area.

Mr. Cooke, informs the Board and the public that no action will take place at this meeting. The Board members will consider all comments and concerns from the public and review the City’s Master Plan before any decisions are made regarding zoning changes to the Residential 1 District.

Public Comment:

  • Todd Miller, property owner at 15 S Dorset Ave, speaking for ST. Leonard’s Tract area, not in favor of the zone change.
  • Craig Anmuth, property owner, at 109 S Dorset Ave, not in favor of smaller lot sizes. Disagrees with proposed ordinance changes.
  • Anne Corrigan, St. Leonard’s Tract Association President and property owner, at 17 S Derby Ave, speaks of current deed restrictions. Not in favor of proposed spot-zoning
  • Michael Bluestein, of 111 S Derby Ave, is opposed to any proposed zoning changes. Concerned about tax rate.
  • Dr. Jeff Joseph, 110 S Derby Ave, not in favor of the proposed zoning changes. He states small lots will cause congestion in the area.
  • John Irons, 106 S Derby Ave, Tax rate is high. Opposed to the proposed zoning changes.
  • Michael Touhy, owner of lot on S. Dorset Ave, not in favor of the zone changes, which will reduce lot size.
  • Linda Zapp, property owner, at 11 N Derby Ave, is not in favor of the proposed zoing changes.
  • Amanda Bronson, property owner of the lot on S. Dorset Ave, is not in favor of the zone changes to the Residential 1 District which will reduce lot size.

Arthur Ponzio presented independent analysis of the Residential 1 District and believes that rezoning the R – 1 District will not have much of an impact on the properties in that zone.

Nicholas Talvacchia is the attorney for property owner, Fran Gelman. Gives a brief testimony as to the property, new zoning, and tax revenue. He speaks in favor of the proposed spot-zoning changes in the Residential 1 District.

Full, clearly recorded audio from meeting was not posted to website.

Planning Board:

  • Commissioner Lance Landgraf
  • Mike Wiesen
  • Chairman Jay Cooke
  • Tom McAdam
  • Roman Zabihach
  • Lorraine Sallata
  • Dan Smith III
  • Leonard Mordell
  • Peter Tocco
  • Tim Koob
  • Greer Gaskill
  • Wendy Bartlett
  • Leo Manos Esq., Board Solicitor
  • Roger McLarnon; Board Engineer
  • Carmella Malfara; Board Secretary


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