Ventnor Police Chief Biagi Bouncing Back After Heart Scare

VIDEO > Ventnor Police Chief, Doug Biagi, is a new man. That’s ever since he suffered a mild heart attack a few weeks back.

Ventnor Police Chief Biagi had an 85% blocked artery.

To fix the Chief’s ticker, he had a stent placed inside the affected artery. The procedure helped clear the blockage. It also changed his life. Diet and exercising is now a top priority for Biagi.

He’s back baby. You can find the Ventnor Police Chief lookin’ & feeling good as he now walks the boardwalk on a daily basis. Biagi is already down 20 lbs.

Deputy Chief Howard Bloom lead the Ventnor Police Department in Biagi’s absence.

Biagi became Police Chief on May 1, 2017, and has been a part of Ventnor’s Police force for over 27 years.

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