Ventnor Ponders Private Property Bail Out for Claustrophobic Pocket Park.

Questions remain: Why is Ventnor rushing to use taxpayer funds for a bail-out of a SMALL private property? Do we really need a tiny ‘pocket park’?

Commish Landgraf pushing for taxpayer funded purchase of claustrophobic parcel of land on Ventnor Ave. The small space is surrounded by three-story buildings.

Property is reportedly owned by Margate real estate agent, DJ Gluck.

Really Dumb.

Instead of buying this overgrown alley, why not purchase the LARGE plot of land across the street, next to SAPORE? A MUCH better space, albeit more expensive.

Should Ventnor taxpayers fund a public bailout of private property?

A public hearing will be held during the next Ventnor Commissioner meeting, 5:30p Thurs, Dec. 12.

Geez, buying that space would just be a plain waste of taxpayer money. Shame on Ventnor Commisioner Landgraf.

Concerned Citizen of Ventnor
Really Smart.

3 thoughts on “Ventnor Ponders Private Property Bail Out for Claustrophobic Pocket Park.”

  1. The owner should sell it for what he can get. If he’s upside down on it the bank will foreclose same as they would any other property. The city should not spend tax payer money without taxpayer approval. Put it up for referendum in the Spring.

  2. I’d be not looking forward to the aesthetic shape of the proposed park a year from it’s hypothetical opening. No, what the heck is he thinking aside from pocket lining from the homeowner ‘dime’.

  3. The only Solution I see is tear down at least one of the buildings on either side….
    then build something freestanding on the two narrow lots combined
    The buildings as they are have had their time.

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