Ventnor Proposes Small Tax Hike to Upgrade City Infrastructure and Equipment

The Ventnor City commissioners look to spend $20.7 million for capital improvements and other city improvements.

Ventnor will borrow the money with an estimated, small tax increase.

Some projects and their estimated costs:
  • $450,000 to rehabilitate Ventnor Pier
  • $676,400 for library, lifeguard stations and tennis courts upgrades
  • $139,600 for public safety, lifeguard boats, parking meters, etc.
  • $30,000 for basketball court improvements.
  • $3,774,700 for improvements to the public works building and police headquarters, Fire Station 2, the library, tennis courts and municipal lot.
  • $3,799,536 for improvements to various roads
  • $500,000 for curbs, gutters and ramps
  • $1,225,900 for public safety vehicles, security cameras, surf boats, jet skis and SUVs.
  • $709,000 for a fire engine and ambulance
  • $480,000 for an SUV with plow, a loader, backhoe and crane
  • $1,785,000 for park and beach improvements, a pickleball court, beach replenishment and ramp walkover improvements, etc.

Public hearing: 6 p Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017.

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