Ventnor Repeals Short-Term Rental Ban as of June 1

Ventnor Commissioners lifted the short-term rental ban during their May 28 meeting. Watch video.

Like most Jersey shore towns have done, Ventnor has repealed their short-term rental ban as of June 1.

Notes from May 28 Ventnor Commissioners Meeting:

Ventnor Recreation Dept would like to see tennis & pickle-ball back in action. Safety measures are in place. Margate’s already open. Why not Ventnor? Kriebel says ‘Ventnor not ready yet’.

Resident Pat Harrigan questions why pickle ball & tennis are not open yet. Safety measures are well thought-out and ready to go. Landgraf: Don’t know how Margate is getting away with it. Could lose some state funding if city violates Governor orders.

Outdoor seating still banned for Ventnor restaurants. We’re just not there yet, says Commissioner Kriebel. An outdoor dining plan will soon be developed and considered.

There is over 250 short-term rentals in Ventnor. Very few issues with STR’s in the city.

Commissioner Landgraf: Every homeowner that rents their property must get a Ventnor mercantile license. City recently hired a company called ‘Host Compliance’. They’re kinda like digital detectives that track and monitor rentals in the city. Helps with enforcement and compliance.

City of Ventnor will fine short-term-rentals that operate in the shadows.

Kurt Kwart has a duplex on Derby Ave. Lives in one unit, rents out the other. Most owners don’t want parties in their rental home. Idea to consider: get a RING security camera for the front door.

Kwart having short-term rental success doing 2 & 3 night minimums.

Resident Joanne Graham has problem with one particular AirBnB. Called the cops twice about an all-night party house in Northbeach. ‘Arrogant owners’ says Graham referring to an alleged nuisance property on Winchester Ave. Police Chief Biagi looking into it.

Public comment: Can we get decibel meters to track noise infractions? Ventnor Police Chief Biagi: We now have a noise violation officer. City will buy device/equipment soon. High-tech decibel meters. Ventnor training staff now. Code Enforcement Officer Jim Agnesino also engaged in the effort.

Substantial parking changes coming to Ventnor. Details on the way.

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