Ventnor Restaurants Can Team Up with NJ Vineyards to Offer Wine

ventnor tourismWill Ventnor restaurants soon be offering a delightful bottle of wine with dinner? We hope so, thanks to NJ and some local vineyards.

Ventnor Mayor, Mike Bagnell said;  “I hope local eateries take advantage of that seemingly forgotten announcement. Jersey has some great vineyards. This could really spark a restaurant renaissance here in Ventnor.”

Retail outlets are already selling wine, beer & spirits, and Ventnor restaurants can offer BYOB. But buying a glass of wine with dinner has always been a missing ingredient to a more robust dining experience and increased Ventnor Tourism on this section of Absecon Island. Mayor Bagnell suggests that local restaurants reach out to his office for more details.

Ventnor Tourism for Real Estate, Rentals, Places to Eat and More.

A little known rule OK’ed by the NJ ABC a few years back, could really help bolster local eateries in Ventnor City. It could be as simple as Ventnor restaurants just getting permission from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to act as an “outlet” for a NJ Vineyard.

It’s true. Wineries in NJ can designate other businesses as distributors of their wine. The local restaurant / outlet can uncork and serve the wine to patrons as well as sell bottles to walk-in customers. To sell the wine, applicants get OK from the state. There’s no application to Ventnor, although the State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control (“ABC”) does notify the municipality.

Mayor Bagnell: This could be an amazing new tool for Ventnor restaurants to leverage… in order to flourish in this rebounding economy.

From NJ.GOV :

Alcohol Management Plan for Retail Outlets proposed by the Garden State Wine Growers Association.

The New Jersey Alcohol Beverage Control Act provides that holders of plenary winery licenses and farm winery licenses may operate retail outlets within the State of New Jersey. See N.J.S.A. 33:1-10(2)(a) and 33:1-10(2)(b). These retail salesrooms are commonly referred to as “outlets” by members· of the regulated community (hereinafter “Outlets”).

The Garden State Wine Growers Association is a membership organization of the New Jersey wine industry, which includes among its members licensees that operate Outlets throughout the State (referred to herein as “Licensees” or “Winery Licensees”). A number of members operate Outlets at BYOB restaurants in the- State ofNew Jersey.

The State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control (“ABC”) has recommended that operators of Outlets adopt an alcohol management plan to standardize the operations of salesrooms located within this State, with a particular focus of creating standards to formalize the business relationship between wineries and owners (hereinafter “Store Owners”) of the restaurants or retail stores (hereinafter “Stores”) in which Outlets are located.

Top 10 wine grapes grown in New Jersey:

1. Chardonnay
2. Pinot Noir
3. Cabernet Sauvignon
4. Chambourcin
5. Cabernet Franc
6. Riesling
7. Pinot Gris
8. Merlot
9. Syrah
10. Concord

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