Ventnor Revisits Veterans and Beach Ice Cream

Beach ice cream sales in Ventnor, it’s once again a hot topic with city officials.

‘This is not anti-patriotic or anti-veteran’, says Ventnor Commissioner, Tim Kriebel.

Kriebel: I’m gonna put my neck out there again. We should license beach ice cream sales. Just like most other east coast cities. A decision the public should be part of.

Currently, Ventnor receives $6k-8k in beach ice cream revenue each summer by working exclusively with Veterans.

Other beach towns get between $50k – $80k per summer. There’s an imbalance there, says Kriebel.

NOTE: Margate will receive $85,000 from a beach ice cream vendor for 2022 summer season.

Ventnor Landgraf, Holtzman Kriebel
Landgraf, Holtzman, Kriebel.

I’m outnumbered in the public and here on the bench.

Ventnor Commissioner Kriebel

Kriebel: We’ve been warned by our staff, there are times coming… we may not have the revenue we need. We need every bit of revenue possible. Ventnor Police & Fire expense growing more than expected.

Commissioner Lance Landgraf and Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman both oppose the plan endorced by Commissioner Tim Kriebel.

Over time, we probably ignored hundred of thousands of dollars.

Commissioner Tim Kriebel

Kriebel: Taxes are going to go up. We need to increase revenue. There are unforseen madated expenses that police & fire will need every year.

Inflation. Ventnor City Expenses. Rising Cost of Municipal Operations.

Maybe we do a (public) social media poll?

Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf

Ventnor vs Margate Beach Ice Cream Sales.

Courtesy Peter Kleiner, Former Ventnor Advisory Boardmember:

Ventnor Margate beach Ice Cream

In other Ventnor municipal news:

A so-called ‘club license’ being considered. Legal with State of NJ.

Should Ventnor city allow alchohol to be served at the VFW just like Margate’s Log Cabin? Ventnor officials plan to introduce an ordinance in April.

Higher liquor package goods (retail) fees coming. Raising them up 20%. $450 will soon be $500. Other towns typically charge avg of $2,000.

Liquor ‘consumption’ fees may be raised in the future.

15 thoughts on “Ventnor Revisits Veterans and Beach Ice Cream”

  1. How is the ice Cream revenue shared with veterans? How much ice cream is sold in Margate vs Ventnor, as well as Beach Population? Joe + other Veteran vendors never seem too busy + can handle crowds! They have the Air show population..Numbers do not make sense. Need Transparency + audit! Do not break the TRADITION!!

    1. Let the veterans alone. That’s their jobs and how I make their living. Don’t put a tradition for the sake of a few Dollars.

  2. Phil from Ventnor

    The taxpayers are being FLEECED by these “veterans” and this massive handout. Great example of why Margate residents pay MUCH lower taxes than we do in Ventnor.

    Not bidding this service out to collect much needed revenue is unfair to every taxpayer in Ventnor.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be used to offset tax increases are being frittered away here.

    Either open this up to RFP or charge each licensee $15k per year instead of the current charity rate.

    1. These veterans are not walking the hot beaches because it is so profitable. They do it because, in most cases, is their only means of income. Veterans have been a part of the VENTNOR beach season for decades. These are good, honest men who have served our country and are now looking to make ends meet with the minimal income from ice cream sales. Those of you who would like to hurt our countries finest will reap the consequences.

  3. Selling ice cream on the beach is so third world….done for the plebs. Next will be individual pieces of chewing gum (sanitary wrappers optional) and cigarettes (but you won’t be allowed to smoke them). Good thing there are still a few high end beaches where those with class and decorum can just relax … in peace and quiet. (Well…until the disgusting TV reality show slobs show up).

    1. How miserable does one have to be in their own life such that buying ice cream or water on the beach a hot summer day is the cause for criticism? Apparently you consider us all lucky to breathe the same air you do. Sad.

    1. No “truth” was removed, just silly ranting comments from someone who thinks his trolling statements of self-proclaimed superiority represent what he thinks it the truth.

  4. They served our country they deserve to be the ones selling the ice cream they have been doing it for decades. Why change now ? Because it’s about the money and not the decency to help the many vets who need the money to help ends meet. It’s politics either they take their friends or the highest bidder. Sad to see this happen.
    ED S

  5. Question for Phil/Ventnor & Truth..have you EVER served your country with the US Military? Shame on you! Our vets are “HONORED TO CARRY THAT BOX ON THEIR BACKS FOR OUR BENEFIT..LEAVE THEM ALONE..they deserve this opportunity. & tradition…
    Kudos to Laura,Stefani, Joe & Louis…Like Somers bet hire a vet!!! They gave of themselves have you?


  6. Michael Barthmaier

    I’m a Vet that drives the Ice to the shore! So proud final stop is Ventnor Vets. The area is a time warp of old AC( know nothing about diving 🐎. But respect the history just like Armory in AC at end of AC expressway. How many people know Marine Corps taproom was in convention center hotel. TunTavern. Not even a Marine but respect the Philadelphia Atlantic City history.

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