Ventnor Says Hansen Sober Living Homes Must Pay Real Estate Taxes

Ventnor Hansen House sober Living tax exemption
Ventnor Says Pay-Up.

Hansen House, managed by Margate’s Jennifer Hansen, owns five ‘sober living’ homes in Ventnor.

Because Hansen House LLC is seen as ‘charitable’, Hansen believes they’re exempt from taxes on their Ventnor properties.

Ventnor Commissioners Landgraf and Kriebel, along with outgoing Mayor Beth Holtzman, voted against a settlement offered by Hansen.

Ventnor Commissioners Tell Hansen to Pay Real Estate Taxes

The IRS says Hansen is exempt from federal taxes. Donors can deduct contributions on their federal tax returns.

Begrudgingly, Ventnor taxpayers were forced to finance multiple years of litigation

Hansen may also have wanted a full refund of previously paid real estate taxes, estimated to be about $60k per year.

Hansen is connected with the toll road, Downbeach Express / Margate bridge. ($2.25 per crossing)

Mayor Holtzman, Landgraf and Kriebel say NO to settlement agreement.

Hansen House, with 5 sober living homes in Ventnor, helps those in drug & alcohol recovery. Three are on the same beach block street.

Jennifer Hansen wears many hats running the 4th generation family business called Ole Hansen & Sons, Inc.

Ole Hansen & Sons, Inc. is a Real Estate development company. It’s also is the parent company of Downbeach Express, Ole Hansen Construction and various Real Estate rental properties. Hansen is designer of those properties.

Jennifer Hansen is also the CEO and founder of Enlightened Solutions Treatment Center and Enlightened Solutions Detox. The Hansen Foundation operates Serenity Estates, Serenity Houses, Hope Farm and Enlightened Cafe.

Jennifer Hansen is a successful business owner, mother of 3, and a recovery advocate.


12 thoughts on “Ventnor Says Hansen Sober Living Homes Must Pay Real Estate Taxes”

  1. How does one simply get them out of here? Perhaps if you’d like to overwhelm them with a huge offer for their properties. Otherwise, you’re just being absurd.

  2. This is out and out Bull Shite! These people are the scum of the earth she is protecting, (and she is making a nice dollar on probably our tax dollars to make an attempt to rehab these people), plus she’s getting a tax break, or not paying any taxes at all.

    1. What a horrid statement that these people she’s protecting (as in, trying to help and in many cases save their lives) are the scum of the earth. Addiction knows no boundaries – rich or poor, young or old, all races, orientations and socioeconomic status. Pray, you self righteous clown, that no one you care about ever experiences addiction.

  3. Why is Ventnor permitting medical care centers in residential neighborhoods. This is harming our neighborhoods. It must be stopped. They should only be allowed in a business district.

  4. Pretty sure she and her family can afford to pay property taxes (they make a fortune off of overcharging for the Downbeach Bridge and other real estate). She and her family just want to scam us Ventnor home owners into paying her taxes for her and her family.

  5. @Danny

    You get them out by changing the laws and taxing. Not to mention adding fees when those sober homes become a nuisance.

    Hansen buys beach block homes to sell later for a profit. It’s always the money not the people.

    Got any better ideas?

    1. You can change laws moving forward, not retroactively. That’s the point Danny was making. The ones that are here will remain until they CHOOSE to leave.

  6. So
    If I register and collect donations, then I’m a charity? And don’t have to pay real estate taxes?
    Shame on her that she claims to being doing nobel work, while shorting the Ventnor tax payers.
    I say we continue to litigate.

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