Ventnor Says YES to Liquor License Reform, Margate Says NO.

Ventnor Mayor Lance Landgraf is one of 90 New Jersey mayors in favor of Gov. Murphy’s effort to reform state liquor laws.

Murphy wants to gradually phase out population caps on licenses and remove restrictions on breweries.

New Jersey liquor license law allow local government to issue one consumption liquor license for every 3,000 residents.

The Ventnor Shopping Plaza could benefit from this reform. A brewery is planned for the renewed Wellington Ave shopping destination.

The current system favors those with money, not small business.

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The 90 mayors signed a letter calling more affordable, more accessible liquor licenses.

NJ Mayors for Liquor License Reform

Atlantic City, Margate, Brigantine and most other shore towns did NOT sign the open letter.

Note: Ventnor Mayor Lance Landgraf is an employee of the State of NJ via CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Should New Jersey’s change it’s prohibition-era liquor license laws? Comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Ventnor Says YES to Liquor License Reform, Margate Says NO.”

  1. Microbreweries are good for local economies, and I’m in favor of loosening restrictions on them. I’d love to see a “Downbeach Brewery” in Ventnor and think it would only support Ventnor’s continued renaissance.

    1. Microbreweries ARE good for the local economy when they are sustainable. Is there enough business to sustain one in Ventnor in the 7-9 months of the off-season ? Sadly, not likely especially given the upfront investments required.

      1. Ask the owners of Cape May Brewing Company and Somers Point Brewing Company. They seem to make it work in seasonal locations. Some thought Ventnor could never have a successful movie theater again, but now we do. I for one would go out of my way to support them!
        # Downbeach Brewing Company

        1. It’s a lot easier to make it work once you’re established and open. The startup costs are significant for on-site brewing mechanicals. And the future of the Ventnor movie theater is still TBD – they incurred enormous debt over far longer than expected to even get open. Let’s see how thru are doing 2-3 years from now…

  2. How much alcohol can people drink? Newest studies prove that even modest alcohol consumption is carcinogenic! Shouldn’t we, as a society, be supporting more wholesome endeavors that promote healthy lifestyles vs. alcoholism and drug addiction? Where is our imagination? What about how excessive drinking reinforces kids’ thinking it’s ok and is supported by societal norms? We CAN change this alcohol culture. Let’s do it!

  3. Leave it alone, Almost everyone enjoys the BYOB rule. On average it saves us at least $20/$35 on our dinner check every time at most restaurants .
    Pay more attention to “Corruption”
    than WINE.

  4. Growing up here , I can remember there only being three, maybe four liquor stores, that’s it…why did we even have to bring more ,and a bar restaurant into our dry town? Now we have close to 10 liquor stores, and two bars? Bringing more out of hand drinkers as well, for what and how much revenue ? we do not need anymore..I wish we had our old town back. The newcomers moving in want to change our laid back vibe to their “ bougie” most of us don’t like it, and few are too afraid to speak up. I for one don’t like what’s happening .yes, perhaps I don’t think change is best for something that was never broken. Stop endorsing so much alcohol .

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