Ventnor School Enrollment Plummets, Cost Per Pupil Up.

School Board President Doug Biagi says City of Ventnor currently pays $3.2 million to the Atlantic City School district for sending 161 Ventnor students to AC High.

Fewer students don’t always mean lower costs. In some cases, the cost-per-pupil can actually go up.

Ventnor school enrollment in 2013 was 905. As of FALL 2022, Ventnor enrollment declined to 508.

According to Doug Biagi and the Downbeach news blog:

Ventnor, Margate & Brigantine have lost their last remaining voice on the AC School Board. To retain a voting seat, Ventnor would need to send at least 176 students to AC high school.

  • Ventnor sent 286 students to ACHS in 2013.
  • In 2021, that number was 161.
  • Today, Ventnor sends 128 students to ACHS.
Polistina Wants State Takeover of Atlantic City Schools

DownbeachBUZZ spoke directly with Senator Vince Polistina. Transparency is lacking when it comes to school boards; Ventnor, Margate, AC & Brigantine. Why no live stream of meetings? Why no live participation via ZOOM? No archive of meetings on YouTube?

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman hopes to get help from NJ State Senator, Vince Polistina. Not likely, says those familiar with the inner workings of the NJ State School Board.

As of Fall 2022, Atlantic City High School has 1,760 students.

Atlantic City Board of Education.

Ventnor’s Board of Education President is Doug Biagi. He’s also a former Ventnor Police Chief.

Mayor Holtzman and School Board President Biagi have yet to provide ZOOM access to the school board meetings. Why not let Downbeach parents participate in meetings via online? The Board of Education meeting video should then be posted to YouTube for on-demand viewing later.

Declining school enrollment, rising costs, loss of representation on AC Board of Education.

The majority of taxpayers in Ventnor, Margate and Brigantine are 2nd homeowners without voting rights.

The Atlantic County Superintendent of Schools is Robert Bumpus.

Ventnor’s most recent representative on the Atlantic City School Board was Michael Cupeles, hand selected by Mayor Beth Holtzman.

La’Quetta Small, Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools had the board secretary read the Caldwell hiring resolution, having never shared it with the board of education in advance.

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