Ventnor Sees Uptick in New Business, Restaurants & Real Estate

Don’t look now, but the City of Ventnor is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, and not a moment too soon. Let’s take a look at the growing list of Ventnor bright spots….

The Ventnor Planning Board ok’d a new restaurant that”ll occupy the spot where the legendary Delaware Meat Market once thrived at 6506 Ventnor Ave. The market was fondly remembered as an Italian style butcher shop and neighborhood grocery. Homemade sausages and spiced meatballs, etc.

Taking over the old Meat Market property is Michael Vasilakis, a 10+ year Ventnor resident. He’s been in the restaurant business for 40 years. Vasilakis plans to open his new eatery by late spring, early summer. The family style restaurant will be a nice addition to a Ventnor business district that includes Sapore and Agnes Cafe. The restaurant will handle approx 35 hungry patrons. Operating hours will be 6a to 11p daily, serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.

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Up the street bit on the corner of Portland and Ventnor Ave, we anxiously await a new Dunkin Donuts that’s been talked about. Fingers crossed. Imagine a drive-thru Dunkin Donuts in Ventnor. Nice. Much better than seeing an empty lot that once housed a gas station…..way back when.

Starting Fall 2018, one particular business district in Ventnor will get a street-scape makeover. Local eateries like Lisa’s and Megu Sushi will benefit from this development project along Atlantic Ave.

Will Jules of Margate changed their name to Jules of Ventnor? Hmmm.

The folks behind Jules of Margate recently moved their ladies boutique to Ventnor. This allowed for demolition of that Margate building on the corner of Douglas & Atlantic Ave., adjacent to the popular Robert’s Place. For over 40 years, Jules of Margate: Designer Fashions For Women.

jules of margate
Former site of Jules of Margate
jules of margate ventnor
New Location in Ventnor

Arguably, the #1 most popular business to be in, down the shore. The highest profit margins, but competition is fierce. How does a pizza shop stand out? Dough, price, ingredients, delivery, ovens? When you don’t have time to schlep over to Manco & Manco on the Ocean City Boardwalk, it’s good to know that Ventnor has plenty of great pizza joints.

There can never be enough pizza shops. Food of the Gods.

Capri Pizza is new kid in town, setting up their ovens at 311 Dorset Ave. in Ventnor. Def gotta try these peeps. Early reports are solid.

capri pizza ventnor
The Capri Crew in Ventnor

Ahhh… Real Estate. During my walks, I always noticed one particular beachfront house in Ventnor that surprisingly, was on the market for a very long time. Was nice to see an UNDER CONTRACT sign placed out front.

Was it agent savvy that made the deal? A price reduction? Proof that Ventnor is under-valued….and on a Real Estate upswing? We think the answer is ‘all of the above’.

Ventnor Real Estate
Ventnor Real Estate

Just steps from old Ventnor Movie Theatre, is a corner plot in the Northbeach section of Ventnor being prepped for new home construction. 8 units we’re told.

Northbeach residential construction. Corner of Ventnor & Nashville Ave.

ventnor northbeach real estate
8 new residential units on the way

With Ventnor avoiding all that annoying beach & dune work for Summer 2018, we predict vacation rentals and home sales in Ventnor will see a nice bump. Need a trusted agent with deep experience in Ventnor and Margate? We recommend Sherri Lillienfeld of Apex Prime Realty.

OK. There is a little bad news. The long shuttered, Ventnor Movie Theatre is still sitting dormant. Rotting. Decaying. Eyesore. A black eye for this busy Ventnor business district that features WAWA, AAAA Bikes and Sacco Subs.

To best of our knowledge, the owner (Ms. Franks) is likely doing JUST ENOUGH to keep it from eminent domain or condemnation. We’d love for it to become an ART HOUSE where premium movies are screened. The real estate agent merry-go-round was full effect, as we noticed a new agent name (‘Franks’) affixed to the front of the building.

3 thoughts on “Ventnor Sees Uptick in New Business, Restaurants & Real Estate”

  1. I LOVE NORTH BEACH!!!! Very proud of the accomplishments of the NORTH BEACH committee in making our part of town a “neighborhood” where people get to know each other. We are the BEST buy at the Jersey seashore.

  2. Capri is one of the worst pizza’s I’ve ever had and I tried them 3 times. (Everybody has an off night, right).

    South End ll

  3. As a Ventnor homeowner, I am so happy to see new businesses. However, I must say that I am less than thrilled to have a drive-thru Dunkin Donuts in my neighborhood. I really think that this will hurt all of the small restaurants that bring the charm to Ventnor. It is a shame that the food and drink revenue will be siphoned from our local merchants.

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