Ventnor Socked w/ Million Dollar Tuition Hike From Atlantic City High School

atlantic city high school
Atlantic City High School

Ventnor taxpayers will likely pay an additional $1 million for sending local students to Atlantic City High School. That’s according to Ventnor Mayor, Beth Holtzman at the Feb 27 commission meeting. ‘It’s obscene’ says Holtzman.

TUITION PRICE HIKE. The additional amount that Ventnor taxpayers will pay to Atlantic City High School per Ventnor pupil… is a whopping $2,300. That’s a 14% increase for a high school with poor track record of achieving basic academic standards.

See more about failing Atlantic City school system.

  • Tuition for 2020-2021 Ventnor school year: $19,019 per pupil
  • Tuition for 2019-2020 Ventnor school year: $16,719 per pupil

Increased school expense could add 6.3 cents to Ventnor tax rate.

  • Ventnor property owners could pay $1,307 on each $150,000 of assessed value.
  • Property valued at $300,000 could pay extra $2,614 in annual Ventnor taxes.

Proposed Ventnor school budget could go up $1.5 million. Approx $1 million would go directly to Atlantic City High School.

Concerned Citizens of Ventnor: Atlantic City Superintendent Barry Caldwell is bad news. For students. For parents. For taxpayers.

Only 13% of Atlantic City High School students achieve proficiency in Math. The NJ state average is 41%.

Only 23% of AC High School students achieve proficiency in Reading/Language Arts. NJ state average is 53%.

Atlantic City High School Performance Report

Atlantic City High School: far below state average in key measures of college & career readiness.

AC School system. Crappy scores in math, reading and writing.

By the time kids get to Atlantic City High School, it gets worse. Especially chronic absenteeism.

Marty Small Atlantic City
AC Mayor Marty Small & AC High Principal, Laquetta Small.

Any changes in the school funding formula needs to be addressed by members of the New Jersey Legislature. So far, NJ Senator Chris Brown and Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and John Armato have kept quiet on the issue.

Need for an audit. Get detailed reporting of all AC School District School expenses that forced this tuition increase on Ventnor taxpayers.

Will Ventnor’s Mayor Holtzman get a sit-down with AC school superintendent, Barry Caldwell? Can he explain the 14% increase in tuition, in just one year?

Other sending districts, including Margate and Brigantine also surprised by the school tuition increase.

Next Ventnor Board of School Estimate meeting is Thurs, March 30 at 5pm. Ventnor City Hall, 6201 Atlantic Ave.


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19 thoughts on “Ventnor Socked w/ Million Dollar Tuition Hike From Atlantic City High School”

  1. Why don’t we have multiple bids go out to the area high schools, and go with the best bid, cost and school quality. AC High School is the worst example of a monopoly, high costs and low quality. Let’s create a little competition if we really care about our students, move them to a high quality school, and maybe save a few dollars too!

    1. I don’t think we have that option. Lots of variables and regulations involved that are out of our control.

      1. Opt out of AC. Discuss Cedar Creek as a possible alternative. Better education and probably costs a lot less. If not, Ventnor and Margate will have a mass exodus which will tank Real Estate values. If this will not work, file a lawsuit and take them to court. You have plenty of ammunition with the grades AC is turning out.

    2. If you extracted Vent/Margate and Brigantine students from the statistics, the stats for proficiency scores would go through the floor and the absentiesm and drop out rates would go through the roof. Just saying

  2. I am curious to know where the tuition paid to AC from the Downbeach Communities goes. Since those $$$ are for students attending ACHS, is the money used JUST for the high school or does it go into the general AC Board of Ed fund. I hope just for ACHS as the Downbeach students only attend grades 9-12.

  3. John Ciminera

    This will be the last straw for me in Ventnor. Time for everyone to get together and protest to the powers that be, if they are standing in the way of Ventnor moving from AC High to another high school. Enough is enough.

    Let’s get a petition to send to our local reps in the legislature.

    1. Helene Schwartz

      As a former educator and property owner, I’m dismayed by the tuition increase, but more so by the fact that the results of testing and academic achievement. Why would a residents pay more to send their children to a school that has such poor results. I object!

  4. charles nardelli

    What is stopping Ventnor and Margate from joining MRHS? Would the switch have to be approved by the State? Do parents want to get their kids out of AC? Could someone please enlighten?

  5. Why doesn’t something get done about this? If the grammar and middle schools are so great from Margate and Ventnor, why can’t they all get together and figure out a way to improve AC High School if that is where all children must attend.

    Come on really, it’s for our kids.

  6. Gerri Delgrande

    I agree, look for another option of high school, it may not happen this year but proactively for next year. The academic record of ACHS is totally unacceptable.
    Third world countries have far better statistics.

  7. The problem is this school mimics the problem with their government. There is no accountability for results. Just as AC should have been able to pave the roads in gold years ago when the casinos were thriving and they didn’t. Now they run their school system exactly the same way. Parents and taxpayers shouldn’t expect anything, just give them more money. Obviously, with ACHS costing nearly as much already as a private school does, has proven to have done nothing for the student’s education. Maybe the increase should only be approved if the literacy and math skills rise to state levels. No ticky, no wash!

  8. This is ridiculous. My kids don’t even go this school. We just wanted to buy a little place at the shore. Disgraceful. I’ll make sure to keep my house an eye sore on Atlantic Avenue since I have to use tax money to pay for a bunch of stranger’s and their kids. Way to sock it to the middle class…

  9. There’s some space right next to the VECC where a high school can be built. Go in with Margate and Longport with a 10-20 year contract. Pass the tax hike to them.

  10. Deborah J Banasz

    Why aren’t we seeing the entire school budget on-line, including how much is specifically spent in different categories per student? (e.g. administration, classroom instruction, extracurricular, support staff) This type of information can be found on the internet for other school districts. Atlantic City High School has a per student cost WAY above the state average. Let’s not compare our state to the national averages. New Jersey has always been known for its exceptional school systems. Yes, we pay more in taxes, our future is worth it, but not at the costs we are seeing at Atlantic City High School! An audit please?!!

  11. You may want to study Camden and Rutgers…I would definitely bring in Stockton and Atlantic City. ..Leap Academy made a huge difference in the quality and results in Camden. I believe it is driven by politicians and it can be improved dramatically by partners in higher education.

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