Ventnor Speeding, Traffic & Safety Challenges.

Atlantic Ave in Ventnor

Ventnor speed limits along Atlantic Ave to be lowered from 35 to 25 mph. Protecting beach bound families crossing 4 lanes of 40 mph traffic. Not for the faint of heart.

Ventnor finally joining AC, Margate and Longport in improved pedestrian safety & lower vehicle speed limits.

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Electronic speed signs. A portable sign that flashes when you exceed the speed limit, and signals SLOW Down. We need one for Monmouth and one for Winchester.

Atlantic Ave in Ventnor

I’m a new part-timer and already love Ventnor! I didn’t realize the amount of traffic on Winchester, and the speed in which some people drive.

I would love to see stop signs along this through street for the safety of all residents. I’ve found many cars do not stop for the pedestrians in the walkway at Winchester & Newport.

Speeding on Monmouth is so bad especially on Thursday – Sunday. Very dangerous to walk or ride your bike. I really hope no one gets hurt.

Many use Monmouth to cut through to the bypass lights getting to neighbor towns. Another way to relieve speeding on side streets like Monmouth and Winchester: synchronize the darn traffic lights.

Ventnor still not posting adequate audio from municipal meetings.

5 thoughts on “Ventnor Speeding, Traffic & Safety Challenges.”

  1. Awesome! Now maybe Margate and Ventnor can give us protected bike lanes. Way too many bicycle accidents on Atlantic Ave.

  2. We need markers at Suffolk and Atlantic at the recreation area. It is a major cross way to the beach and courts. Dangerous!

  3. It doesn’t matter, people will drive as fast as they can, its very rare that they will be stopped and ticketed. Speeding in Margate is dangerous and out of control.

  4. As a resident of Ventnor who lives on Winchester, I have witnessed people going through stop signs, speeding and ultimately hitting each other. We desperately need flashing speed signs as well as All way stop signs. It is NOT appropriate to wait for a fatal accident to get these much needed traffic safety measures.

    1. It will probably take multiple deaths for any action to be taken, if at all. Our Police do a great job on everything except traffic and speed control. It’s not worth the time and effort to enforce nor do they want to scare away the Shoobies that spend money!

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