Ventnor Square Movie Theater Get’s OK From Planning Board

Ventnor Square Movie Theater
Ventnor Square Movie Theater. Opening Summer 2019.

Check out the updated plans for the Ventnor Square Movie Theater, under construction now on Ventnor Ave. The interior of the 1920’s era structure has already been gutted. It’s now ready for the next step of construction.

The final site plans were voted-in unanimously by all Ventnor City Planning Board members on Dec. 12, 2018.

The Ventnor Planning Board granted preliminary and final major site plan approval. The board also allowed for variances that included lot coverage, and the size, height and width of exterior signage.

The new theater will soon feature a bar and various foods, 3 screens and the latest advances in hi-tech sound and seating. It’s an all new, movie theater experience.

Balconies will overlook Ventnor Avenue. Movie-goers can enjoy a burger. Sidewalk seating too.

Ventnor Planning Board member Daniel Smith calls the project ‘monumental’. Smith says it will be a cornerstone that’ll ripple through the City of Ventnor.

Some Ventnor residents have mixed feelings about the new theater.

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Traffic and parking could put a bit of a damper on the project. The residential neighborhood surrounding the theater will surely be more busy. It will have to endure a loss of street parking as well.

Parking will get even worse during the summer months.

Winchester Ave. (behind theater) residents support the new theater, but have real concerns about noise, parking and traffic flow. Note: Permit parking for area residents could provide some relief.

The Ventnor Square Theater will feature a large theater with 272 seats, and two smaller theaters with seating for 85 each.

The second level will feature the bar/restaurant.

NOTE: Reports suggest that developers may build a stage in one of the theater rooms, in order to host live entertainment.

3 thoughts on “Ventnor Square Movie Theater Get’s OK From Planning Board”

  1. This will be the surest way to revitalize this part of Ventnor!!! Small towns have seen huge resurgence as a high tech movie theater creates the need for a restaurant district and then boutique type shops. This will be a draw for off-season revenue, but in season, it will bring a lot of foot traffic and shoppers.

    All good news for Ventnor!

    1. I live in ventnor and this is what ventnor needs to bring back some business and really great opportunity for summer rentals movie theater is something we have needed for long time. I always went to that movie theater as a kid and very happy to see it back and now with restaurant and bar big plus

  2. Progress is exciting~Serious thought + architectural design has been put into the project!
    Parking will be awful for the surrounding neighborhoods.
    Weekend night parking in the summer is impossible along the Winchester bay street + sidestreets.
    Extra police patrol for foot traffic , as well as permit parking for Homeowners will ease the inconvience
    + congestion in the area! Will be an exciting change to the sleepy Hood!!!

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