Ventnor Still Blocking Access to Public Meeting Info

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Ventnor Elected Leadership

Last week, we once again asked Ventnor City leadership why they refuse to properly record & post audio & meeting minutes from their public meetings.

It’s the least they can do for those unable to attend. Cost is no longer the issue in this age of YouTube.

Commissioner Landgraf, Kriebel and Mayor Holtzman are the hold-outs. They prefer residents NOT have access to public info, regarding how their taxes are being spent? All three campaigned on municipal transparency. How quickly they forget.

As you may know, Ventnor is surrounded by two cities embroiled in massive, financial mis-management allegations.

Atlantic City’s CRDA has recently been caught wasting millions. That’s a fact….according to a recent NJ State Audit.

Did you know, that Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf, is the Zoning Czar for the CRDA? Yupper. This dude is NOT a fair and decent person. Plenty of documented proof on that accusation.

Einwechter & Landgraf
Einwechter & Landgraf

Landgraf will face taxpayer heat on Sept 24, as he tries once again to ramrod thru a ‘spot-zoning’ ordinance. Lance wants to squeeze more homes into historic St. Leonard’s Tract.

On the other side of Ventnor… in Margate… residents just snagged their city leadership trying to quietly OK a 22-story high-rise, right next to Lucy the Elephant. All without public knowledge. You can’t make this stuff up.

Note: Ventnor has a poor track record of municipal transparency.

You can’t even find Ventnor meeting minutes. They’re not available. For some reason, Ventnor City Hall recently stopped posting audio recordings of Commissioner, Planning Board & School Board meetings.

Ventnor residents should take a cue from Margate. Demand that Mayor Holtzman, and Commissioners Kriebel & Landgraf, treat all taxpayers with respect. Provide full transparency & accountability..

Quite frankly, Ventnor’s Landgraf is the ring-leader here. He needs much more scrutiny.

It’s recommended that Ventnor taxpayers retain the services of an independent attorney… with municipal auditing experience. Ventnor taxpayers, especially 2nd homeowners, need to heed this advise.

From Ventnor City Clerk, Maria Mento: City most likely moving forward with audio improvements via this year budget funding. I say most likely because the purchase amount needs two commissioner approvals, which I expect them to approve.

For meeting minutes, go to our web site, go to the right side of the page and go to Ventnor city municipal code, and then go to minutes from there. Agree, not ideal. We look to make that easier to find with new web site. Maria

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