Ventnor Streetscape Upgrades, But No Pier Bathroom.

Ventnor New Jersey
Ventnor Business District.

The Ventnor North Beach commercial district on Atlantic Ave will soon reveal a new look. A refreshed streetscape.

Crews back on the job after a summer delay.

Ventnor Business District: new lighting, pavers, planters, trash receptacles, bike racks, ADA ramps and more.

Ventnor North Beach
Cool Boardwalk Style Sidewalks in Ventnor.

It’s a mess for now. Local business owners like Megu Sushi hanging in there. Many think business is closed, as construction scares away customers.

When done, this 3 block area will see upgraded curbs and sidewalks, brick pavers and ‘bump outs’ at corners. This provides for safer street crossing.

Pavers and ADA ramps.

In other Ventnor infrastructure news, the city will soon upgrade fire hydrants, water and sewer lines. Drainage projects also underway.

Controversial firm, Doran Engineering, awarded Ventnor contract for repaving portions of Dorset Ave.

Geez. It’s a freekin’ bathroom upgrade. What’s the hold up?

Still not getting any closer to a new restroom on Ventnor’s Fishing Pier. Looks like NJ DEP dragging their feet. When will Ventnor’s David Rosenblatt (NJ DEP) step up and start helping?

Ventnor Fishing Pier
Ventnor Pier restroom in need of upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Ventnor Streetscape Upgrades, But No Pier Bathroom.”

  1. Why wouldn’t the same upgrades be done in the other Ventnor business district? ( on Ventnor AVE from the Dunkin Donuts to the Rite Aid)
    The side walks are cracked and there are weeds growing through the sidewalk. Who has all the horsepower in the “North Beach” area to get all of this done?

  2. The streetscape is the least of the problems in the business district. North Beach or central. Better regulation for signage, and consistency of storefronts would go a long way. In my mind it’s the #1 thing holding back the growth of ventnor. The commercial district is a disaster. The dunkin and building with Tutto Fresco and Enlightened Cafe are nice upgrades although the rest of the block is a awful. hoping the Santucci’s spurs some growth across the street. But island meats, the thrift shop, Krimpers, Jewelery store all need serious help. The next block south isn’t much better. If the new proposed development next to Saporre actually goes up that would help, but the other side of the street with Blooms, Tom Harris, an empty Delaware meats, etc. is also uninviting. Next block south with the giant Ventnor Beauty Supply building is an extreme eyesore. Priority #1 should be fixing the commercial district. It would make the whole town more inviting. It’s honestly embarrassing, every tax payer should demand better. Oh wait, most of the real tax payers don’t even get a vote.

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