Ventnor Taxpayers Question Massive, Expensive, Mandatory Trash Cans

Taxpayers on Hook for $514,000 in Trash Cans

Ventnor residents have flooded the inbox of DownbeachBUZZ in reference to these new, massive, 95 gallon trashcans foisted upon local homeowners. Whether needed or not.

The ACUA looking to make a few bucks? Why are Ventnor homeowners being forced to send the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, $514,000 ?

The City of Ventnor is delivering over 5000 trash cans on wheels, to replace the old trash cans.
  • Recycling container: $44 each
  • Trash container: $51 each
  • A measly $7 per recycling container is being covered by a grant.

Non-critical trash & recycling cans will cost Ventnor taxpayers > $514,000.

Residents were not aware that Landgraf, Kriebel and Holtzman were offering ACUA this sweet deal. Some suggest an overly cozy relationship between ACUA’s Rick Dovey, and Ventnor’s Landgraf, Holtzman and Kriebel.

rick dovey acua

Rick Dovey, President of ACUA, Atlantic County Utilities Authority, will hold a townhall meeting on Tues, June 18, at 7pm, at the Ventnor Library.

Discussion topics could include: cost of new trash cans, raw sewage leaks, offshore wind farms, etc.

Ventnor politicians issued the following response: Please be advised the public works department will consider requests for smaller 64 gallon containers on a case by case basis, and only to accommodate the elderly, disabled, and residents whose property is too small to store or transport the 96 gallon trash and recycling containers.

“The city may decide to offer for sale a reasonable quantity of the smaller 64 gallon size carts after the program has been in place at least one month. The City will not be offering 35 gallon carts.”

Social Media Feedback: Ventnor City has made this decision in concert with the ACUA without the input of Ventnor residents. This isn’t a mere inconvenience, it’s a maneuverability issue, a non practical issue for condominium owners and a discouragement! They’re also ugly as sin. 96 gallons? For recycling? Ridiculous. Where are we expected to store these monstrosities? Many of us don’t have the space! Should we park them in our driveways so that our town looks like a dump? This “idea” was NOT well thought out. One size does not fit all! Our residents should have been consulted.

A site visit will be conducted to verify the size of the property. The process for a property owner to notify the city of their desire to receive a smaller cart based on the above parameters will be forthcoming.

City of Ventnor ready to start fining those who can’t hide their cans from view?

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For a variety of reasons, many want smaller cans.

  • Some don’t have THAT MUCH trash.
  • Some don’t have the space to store or hide the massive cans
  • Some cant navigate these cans thru thru their property
  • Elderly and those with disability

Some have been cited for trash cans stored on the side of their house, but still visible from the street. Many struggling getting the cans to and from the curb.

Holtzman, Landgraf and Kriebel Getting Trashed.

Ventnor City Ordinance: Location of receptacles: It shall be the responsibility and obligation of each owner or occupant of property located in the City of Ventnor City to ensure that the trash receptacle(s) used at that property for the storage of trash or any bulk item or debris generated at that property, pending the date of collection, be placed in the rear of the property whenever possible and, if not possible in the rear, in a place other than the front of the property so that it may net be viewed from any public street or walkway.

4 thoughts on “Ventnor Taxpayers Question Massive, Expensive, Mandatory Trash Cans”

  1. Richard Conklin

    There will be a Townhall Meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18, at the Community Room behind the Library where ACUA President Richard Dovey will address ACUA’s efforts to reduce trash and increase the city’s recycling rate, as well as discuss the 95-gallon trash and recycling containers. Residents will have a chance to ask questions about any concerns or issues they might be facing. The event is hosted by the Ventnor Democratic Club; however, it is not a political event, and all residents are encouraged to attend. For any questions on the event, contact Doc Livingston at 267-872-5636.

  2. I am a Ventnor resident but because my bed and breakfast building has more than 4 rooms the city no longer picks up my trash even though I live on the premesis. They have offer no adjustment in my taxes even though they have discontinued this service which I now have to pay for twice. I guess I should be happy it is only twice. They charge me 9 times the rate for water compared to similar houses.

  3. About 1 or 2 years ago I got a heads up that Ventnor was considering requiring each resident to have two large containers; one for trash and one for recyclables. I explained to the Mayor that most people do not want such containers because they already have what they need for trash and recyclables. She said not everyone was as responsible with their containers as they should be. If everyone had identical containers it would make trash and recyclables days look so much better instead of having ugly trash collection days with careless people and trash litter. I thought I talked her out of what I thought was not a smart idea and would cost taxpayers more money. I suggested rather than buying containers that residents already have it would be better to fine those who littered because they were careless about their trash and recyclables. After a year or two what the Mayor wanted became a reality as I learned like the rest of you containers were bought by the city whether residents needed them or not. I in fact do NOT need more trash and recyclable containers. I now have a total of 5 recyclable and 3 trash containers for a family of TWO. I took pictures of all these containers to show the Mayor and her cohorts how Government although well intended can do something so stupid “ for appearance “. The picture I have I would like to post on this site but I don’t know how to do it. Please help! You almost have to see this picture to believe it and see just how ridiculous it is. Even all the company we have on weekends during the summer we could not fill all of my containers.

  4. Donald Tancredi

    I have mixed feelings about it, first I noticed how clean my street was after the program started. I had one neighbor who tried to put 10 gal of crap into a 5 gal crap container, recycle all up and down the street. My neighbor who is a senior lives on a corner and has zero open space except on Monmouth ave where her cans are located. she generates one plastic Wawa bag of trash on a weekend, she does not need any trash cans. as for the trash cans having a GPS or chip on them, that’s a bunch of BS They have serial numbers and I have no doubt that they have no idea what can belongs at what residence. Shorely the Worst decision making in some instances.

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