Another Design Masterpiece

Sure, Ventnor has a beautiful beach, a boardwalk with an amazing pier, attractively priced Real Estate and great places to eat.

Ventnor business booms in the summer. Life is really good for local business, but once cold weather hits, things get quiet. Real quiet.

Most Ventnor and Margate business cut back on operating hours. Some shut down completely.

With approx 75% of local taxpayers being 2nd homeowners, how can Ventnor & Margate support a year round economy? Answer: Diversify.

Become more than just a premium Summer destination. Do more than just transact Real Estate. Embrace more than just food & beverage.

Ventnor could become a haven of entrepreneurs and myriad creative types.


Dina Engel & Sherry McCracken

Right next door to Design Nation is Little Rock Films & Studios. They offer classes in acting, filmmaking, photography and writing.

According to the Little Rock website, they help students develop skills and confidence needed to be successful in “the industry”, school, and most importantly…life.

Little Rock is uber-happy within the so-called ‘North Beach’ section of Ventnor. This SoHo-styled neighborhood is on the upswing and within walking distance of Atlantic City.

Little Rock students explore their creative side in a safe environment without prejudice or judgment. Visit Little Rock at 5211 Atlantic Ave in Ventnor.

Marketing, Advertising & Tourism Services

And yet another, new breed of start-up that chose Ventnor as a home base: Get Smart Digital is lead by Mel Taylor; a Philadelphia media transplant that saw Ventnor as a prime location grow his digital marketing & website development company.

Get Smart Digital provides Ventnor, Margate & Atlantic City with Online Marketing, Advertising & Tourism Services.

Local Newspaper, TV & Radio are on a fast decline. It’s obvious to me that local Ventnor Tourism, Margate and Atlantic City business needs a better way to communicate with potential customers. Most of those customers ( 75% ) do not live here full time, and don’t have access to local, traditional media. Get Smart Digital fills that growing void.

Taylor and the Get Smart Digital team quickly landed a few A-level clients in need of better online communication. Taylor & Get Smart Digital was selected to overhaul and re-design not one…but two Atlantic City municipal websites.

In early 2016, Get Smart Digital upgraded their web services for small businesses in the Downbeach area.

Mom & Pop’s are frustrated by their difficult-to-update websites, and reduced reach / effectiveness of their Facebook & Twitter campaigns”, says Taylor. They’re finally coming around to the fact that growing their email list and creating a ‘search friendly’ website is the path to online success.

In Summer of 2016, Get Smart Digital was contracted by Impactivate Media, to upgrade the digital advertising content on those Atlantic City Boardwalk screens. Simpler designs, creative copy-writing and unique animation were needed to make that BoardwalkADS network… really pop for clients.