Ventnor Town Hall: How To Solve Growing Parking Problem.

Ventnor New Jersey
Ventnor public forum about parking

Solving parking problems in Ventnor. On February 13, serious discussions will start about the future of parking permit policy in Ventnor.

Currently, Ventnor City provides unlimited parking in the 2-hour parking zones to residents who purchase a permit.

Those parking permits are restricted to the north end of the 1st Ward from Jackson Ave. to Frankfort Ave. and Winchester Ave. to the Boardwalk, including high-rise residents.

During the meeting, City officials will describe the ordinance as it exists now, and new factors that may soon have an effect on parking… as well as possible changes to the policy.

All are invited. The entire Ventnor administration and members of the police department will attend. So will a professional traffic and parking engineer to answer any questions.

Date: February 13 at 6p.

Where: 6201 Atlantic Ave., Ventnor City Hall, 2nd floor Commission Chambers.

2 thoughts on “Ventnor Town Hall: How To Solve Growing Parking Problem.”

  1. Parking problem would be less serious if the zoning board didn’t grant permits for both homes and businesses without any consideration

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