Ventnor Town Hall. Talk Trash with ACUA & Rick Dovey

rick dovey acua ventnor
Rick Dovey of ACUA.

Ventnor residents can talk trash with City Commisioners and ACUA President, Rick Dovey. A townhall meeting will be held at 7p. on Tuesday, June 18, at the Community Room behind the Ventnor Library.

Dovey will discuss why Ventnor residents will benefit from their $514,000 purchase of 95-gallon trash and recycling containers.

Residents will also have a chance to ask questions about the cost of offshore wind turbines, aging raw sewage pipes beneath Absecon Island, or any other concern they may have.

Ventnor homeowners were surprised to find out they will send the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, $514,000., for trash cans.

The City of Ventnor is delivering over 5000 trash cans on wheels, to replace the old trash cans.

  • Recycling container: $44 each
  • Trash container: $51 each
  • $7 per recycling container is being covered by a grant.

These trash & recycling cans will cost Ventnor taxpayers > $514,000.

From JERRY CORRIGAN: About 1 or 2 years ago I got a heads up that Ventnor was considering requiring each resident to have two large containers; one for trash and one for recyclables. I explained to the Mayor that most people do not want such containers because they already have what they need for trash and recyclables. She said not everyone was as responsible with their containers as they should be.

If everyone had identical containers it would make trash and recyclables days look so much better instead of having ugly trash collection days with careless people and trash litter. I thought I talked her out of what I thought was not a smart idea and would cost taxpayers more money. I suggested rather than buying containers that residents already have it would be better to fine those who littered because they were careless about their trash and recyclables.

After a year or two what the Mayor wanted became a reality as I learned like the rest of you containers were bought by the city whether residents needed them or not. I in fact do NOT need more trash and recyclable containers. I now have a total of 5 recyclable and 3 trash containers for a family of TWO. I took pictures of all these containers to show the Mayor and her cohorts how Government although well intended can do something so stupid “for appearance “.

Even all the company we have on weekends during the summer we could not fill all of my containers.

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