Ventnor Movie Theater Gets Gutting. Relaunch Planned for Summer 2019.

Hours after the deal officially closed on Tuesday Aug 21, the new owners of the former Ventnor Twin Movie Theater broke out the sledge hammers. See pictures >

They said it would never happen. But we’re happy they were proven wrong. Downbeach will once again have it’s own movie theater. 

Next up, the City of Ventnor must decide on what type of tax breaks to provide, if any.

That liquor license thing needs to be hashed out too. How much is it worth? Will Ventnor Commissioners utilize alternative ways of awarding those last remaining licences to serve booze in Ventnor? 

What about parking? There’s a small parking lot in the back that can hold about 35 cars. The only challenge we foresee in reference to parking? If the building is configured for 2, 3, or possibly 4… active movie screens, this could pose a parking squeeze. Otherwise, we’re pumped for this new addition to Ventnor. 

The Ventnor Movie Theater plans on serving food & adult beverages.

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