Ventnor Warning: NO DOGS on Boardwalk.

Ventnor boardwalk dogs

No dogs on the Ventnor Boardwalk at any time. 

Resident HJ: Every year it’s the same. Dogs on the Ventnor boardwalk. All the time. Unleashed dogs on the beach all the time. There needs to be enforcement of the laws on two of the greatest assets Ventnor has, the boardwalk and the beach.

No boardwalks in New Jersey allow dogs. Boardwalks are a busy public space shared with pedestrians and bicyclists. Some dog owners do not clean up after their dogs.

Dogs are permitted at the ocean’s edge, but your pooch must be leashed at all times.

No Dogs on Ventnor Boardwalk

Ventnor does allow dogs on the beach on summer evenings, between tides at the water’s edge. You can cross the boardwalk for beach access.

In comparison, Atlantic City, Margate and Longport do not allow dogs on the beach during the summer… at any time.

21 thoughts on “Ventnor Warning: NO DOGS on Boardwalk.”

  1. It is so annoying and frustrating to c the dog walkers on the boardwalk. They get angry when u remind them of the rule. Bigger signs r needed. Also, dogs should not be allowed on the beach. We pay the most in taxes of the other communities. We should not tolerate dog poop on our beach.

  2. I walk the beach every day from Longport to AC and I am afraid of unrestrained dogs. A high percentage of people with their dogs on the beach, do NOT have their dogs on a leash, which terrifies me.

    I comment to the owners, dogs must be on a leash on the beach, and I get replies which emphasizes that concern is MY problem. Your dog might be friendly towards you, but I am a stranger and they can be aggressive, frisky or hostile.

    Please respect that the law is to protect those of us who want to be safe from roaming dogs on the beach.

    Please clean up after your dog; don’t leave their fecal remains on the sand; bag it and toss it in a bin, do not leave it on the beach even in a bag (on the sand) or laying around on the bulkhead.

  3. I sure wish we could find some middle ground on this subject. I love dogs, I enjoy watching them play, exercise and demonstrate their free will on the beaches.

    I had two well behaved water dogs, Golden Retrievers from 1992 till our last one passed in 2012. I would run each one on the beach in the morning and evening. Let me say my dogs belonged to a dog social club on the beaches of Ventnor, they had a blast out there!

    Over the last 30 years I have heard of two isolated incidences of a bad dog on the beach. There might be more examples, I don’t know. I find it shameful so many residents on the island find objection with sharing our natural resources with dogs. I believe there is far greater risk of harm from other humans in our public spaces compared to dogs.

    In closing, I don’t have dogs now. The reason is Donna’s opinion seems to be a majority opinion in these woods.

    1. Thank you, your explanation is short and concise. You have solve this argument of “Free Will”. Theologians to this day still have not grasp the concept.

  4. I live in Margate and we have a sign for No Dogs on the Beach. There are always dogs on the beach bc, like Ventnor, no one enforces the law.

    The owners do not clean up after the dogs and then our children play on the dirty beaches. I have called police, but, by the time they get there, the dogs are gone. We need patrols, enforcement, and fines.

    The beaches have become dog parks. This is a human issue – not a dog issue. The people know the law. They just do not care and I do not want to confront anyone.

    While we’re on misuse of beach, let’s get something done about the children out on the beach late at night, drinking and doing other things they shouldn’t.

    I have seen several brought off and put in an ambulance. I have videos of these if anyone does not believe me. The police have tried. Maybe it’s time parents share the responsibilities of parenthood.

  5. My experience as a runner / walker on the beach, Boardwalk, sidewalks and streets is that dogs might be aggressive and hostile even when on a leash.

    Sadly, I’ve been bitten and attacked on more than one occasion over the years.

    Unfortunately, too many owners don’t get it and seem to think it’s not their responsibility to keep their dogs under control.

  6. Dogs are a menace. People have gone totally psychotic over dogs. Shows you how crazy people have become. “I have to take my little pissy fluffy everywhere I go.” Nut jobs. Keep your mangy mut at home and stop inflicting the flee bag on others..

  7. Liberal elitism in Ventnor, Margate and Longport. It stinks that taxpayers who just want to have a clean boardwalk come across as dog haters. It’s their owners that are above the law dreck.

    When is someone going to write an editorial about Ventnor homeowners who steal water from condo hi-rises while they have their own hose hook up?

  8. Thank you
    I do still have concerns about walking on the boardwalk with so many bike riders. Maybe they need to ride on the street.

    It’s not safe for people to walk on the boardwalk which is what it was meant to be for. It’s really not safe for the elderly at all. When people are riding their bikes and talking on the phone and listening to music it’s bound to be an accident sooner or later.

        1. Guess you’re also for removing and erasing history. Maybe you should have brain surgery. “See a shrink” ? You’re nasty. Biking riding and the Boardwalk are synonymous . Get a grip stupid mean person.

      1. Please whoever runs this site shut down this thread! I am shocked with the complaints, then the noxious replies are scary. Folks this is America, we live in Ventnor, we are a society. Let us agreed to share the public assets of our city.

  9. Bike riding and the boardwalk are SO synonymous I guess that’s why they call it a a board WALK, huh? Perhaps ride your bike on the street? Or compromise and have people do both on the boardwalk, smartly and safely.

    1. OMG Yeah it was named the Boardwalk w/ an intention of deterring bike riding. How old are you and were you born w/ the proverbial silver spoon in your flip mouth? So many dopes in them there parts.

      1. I’m old enough to know you’re an miserable angry clown. What does silver spoon have to do with anything? Hardly applies to me. Not quite clear what age and economic status has to do with anything. And apparently, it you’re the VIP, it must be of the Ignorant Club. How dare someone point out your absurd logic in making the point about the Boardwalk.

        1. It would be “a” before a consonant and “an” before a vowel.

          My point is bike riding and the Boardwalk goes back many years. It is great exercise as well as enjoyed by people of all ages.

          You really are nasty. You resort to name calling and talking down to people while having immense trouble proving any degree of validity.

    2. This post is about responsible dog ownership and dog poop, not people getting exercise and enjoying all the Boardwalk has to offer. DF

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