Ventnor’s Landgraf Meets with State: Dunes & Beach Disruption.

Listen to the ACprimetime Radio podcast interview with Ventnor Commissioner; Lance Landgraf. We spoke with Landgraf just after his noon meeting with NJ State officials on May 5. The group discussed reasons for Ventnor’s recent push back against planned summertime dune building that starts June 8, and goes thru mid-July. Click to listen.

To date, the State of New Jersey, Gov. Christie, the DEP and the Army Corp of Engineers have ignored the growing outcry from Absecon Island residents, business, visitors and real estate agents. Many hoped Ventnor resident; Congressman Frank LoBiondo would have been more effective in pushing back this economy-crushing project.

The State is pushing full steam ahead. It’s gonna be a full summer of beach work, dredging, piping, and dune building in Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate & Longport.

Downbeach Dune Feedback:

Patty Wingerter: This will destroy the fishing at the pier for another couple of seasons. We will see another dolphin kill where they’re pulling the sand from, as it stirs up bacteria that’s on the bottom of the ocean floor. It’s deadly to dolphins. Not to mention the first noreaster will just take the sand back! Can’t beat mother nature! Weeks Marine is loving these fat pay days!

Patrick Shields: What is Congressman LoBiondo doing about this problem?

Peter Kleiner: A big “thank you” to our commissioners who are standing up for what’s in the best interest of our community. This schedule has been changed too many times, and this latest change is a direct hit to our local economy which we all depend on, residents, business’s, and visitors alike. This work is important for our long term safety (I’m told) but shouldn’t be at the expense of our critical summer season. Thank you again for standing strong on our behalf.

Jessica Grabania: I just spend $49 in beach tags…..and we might have to deal with this? sigh… Im getting fed up with Ventnor…This matter is between Ventnor and the State… we are being involved, as if we had a voice, at the end they do what is best for them not the people.

Todd Allen Miller: Kinda like closing a few lanes for a traffic study at rush hour…?

Joseph Bisch: I am a USAF Vet and an ice cream man on the Ventnor beach. A shutdown of any portion of the beach during the summer would be catastrophic for myself and 15 other Vets. Please postpone this till after the summer.

Eileen Young-Vignola: As if beachfront owners haven’t suffered enough with outrageous taxes…now noise pollution. Can’t wait to SELL our home.

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