Ventnor’s Rusty Silverman Photography & Lifeguard Art

Rusty Silverman is a retired physician now living in Ventnor. When he’s not tearing up the pickleball courts, Rusty is adding to his 35+ years of lifeguard photography.

In 1968, while in medical school, Rusty landed a great summer job; a beach doctor at in Atlantic City. It was then, his appreciation of ocean lifeguards began.

Of special interest have been the competitions, featuring both the men and women Lifeguards, featuring all our South Jersey teams.

Rusty Silverman Lifeguard Art
Rusty Silverman

Capture the stamina, bravery, strength, beauty, and competitive drive of Lifeguards thru photography.

Lifeguard Art
Lifeguard Art

Decorate your Margate, Ventnor or Longport home with these amazing, high quality photographs from Rusty Silverman.

Lifeguard Art makes a great gift. Posters, calendars, note cards and hardback book of Lifeguard Art imagery.

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