Ventnor’s Sack O’ Subs Closed Until Further Notice

Sack o Subs Ventnor New Jersey

Sack O’ Subs shocker. After a busy Memorial Day weekend, the Ventnor sub-shop quietly pulled down the shades and turned off the lights.

Could this Ventnor institution really be closing?

What’s gonna happen next? Everybody tight-lipped.

Maybe issues related to a pending building sale? Ownership change of hands? Expiration of franchisee agreement? Management change?

Since 1968, Sack O’ Subs has dominated the Downbeach sandwich scene. Some think Sack O’ Subs will reopen. Soon.

Sign in the window says closed until further notice. A glimmer of hope perhaps?

sack o subs ventnor

Our favorite Downbeach sub-shop.

2 thoughts on “Ventnor’s Sack O’ Subs Closed Until Further Notice”

  1. As a homeowner in Ventnor from February 1993 through December 2002, I had a good neighbor-guy {name with held as well as street name } and his wife was nice, too …. He worked there, a very loyal employee.

    When I told him to not get “too comfortable” in response to him saying “They treat me great there and I’ll retire there as I’ve already been working for them for many years”, I went on to say that the restaurant\food\bar business is ultra-tough for owners and expenses and liabilities go further than a “realized value of a loyal employee”.

    Sadly, in corporations and small businesses {in a lesser extent} look at employees at either: A. An expense item. B. A “thing”{think cost} to get rid of when the business is trying to show less expenditures.

    He didn’t place value on my true knowledge of the employment world, even though he knew I only talked about things that I truly knew about. He stopped talking to me.

    People need to wake up to reality in realizing that no business is “sacrosanct”. No pun intended.

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