Ventura’s Non-Compliant Deck Angers Margate Beach Neighbors

Angry Island House residents turn up the volume on Margate Commissioners. Listen to audio from Aug 19 meeting.

Why doesn’t Ventura’s Greenhouse beach deck have proper state permits? The beach is governed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. (NJ DEP) Anything done there requires a CAFRA permit. 

Non-compliant beach deck behind Ventura’s Greenhouse?

Noise from Ventura’s registers between 80 and 85 decibels. City ordinance says nothing louder than 65db.

Aug 19, 2021

Division of Land Use Regulation regulates use and development of coastal resources though Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA).

According to the Margate Commissioner meeting of June 18, 2020, NJ DEP notified VENTURA’S that they were deficient. They didn’t have a permit for their beach bar next to the dune. On July 8, another inspection was executed. It was determined that violations remain uncorrected. Ventura’s still didn’t have proper permitting. 

In a letter dated July 21, 2021, if Ventura’s Greenhouse wasn’t in compliance by August 20, violations could result in a fine of up to $25,000. 

Margate Amodeo, Becker, Blumberg.
Amodeo, Becker, Blumberg.

Town should be checking for CAFRA permits, especially on the beach.

Margate gave a permission to a business, that had no permit to use the beach. 

Current ordinance limits sound levels to 65db. Unfortunately, police don’t have the necessary equipment. No one trained to read the equipment. Therefore, they can’t enforce noise issues. 

Atlantic County DOES have decibel reading equipment. After finding the limits above legal levels this past weekend, Ventura’s was issued a notice of violation.

Commissioner Amodeo: Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to have a condo building there instead. I tried!

Commissioner Blumberg: A condo tower could have really blocked that noise.

Margate Commissioners Public Comment.

I live on 19th floor of Island house. The music is so loud that I cannot sit on my patio. I have to keep all my windows closed and I don’t know how they could get away with this. 

Sunday night DJ’s. 150 people crowding into a small area. The music on Sunday night is so loud, you can’t even sit on your balcony. 

You did it under the ‘consent agenda’, which should only be used for non-controversial issues. 

You gave Bocca and Ventura the right for music til 8p. Well, it is controversial and I think you guys should have actually had it as a public hearing to get the comments before. But obviously you didn’t do that. 

Margate Commissioner Amodeo: We had plenty of discussions in a public forum.

Margate ordinance 11-2013: no outdoor music or public address system shall be permitted. No outdoor seating shall not be permitted if it will interfere in any way with the peace and quiet of nearby residents. 

Atlantic County now taking decibel readings. Ventura’s getting fined.

The noise is incredibly loud. It’s inappropriate in a residential area. 

There is vulgarity included in the music that is being played.

Public Comment

31 thoughts on “Ventura’s Non-Compliant Deck Angers Margate Beach Neighbors”

  1. Margate commissioners doing what they want… to benefit a few friends. At expense of general public.

    Bocca situation is disgraceful. Ventura’s is also a disgrace.

    Commissioners saying a condo tower would have prevented this, is a smack in the face to all Margate taxpayers.

    It’s time to stand up….. and stop this abuse of power.

    1. Leaving Margate

      The 3 Margate Commissioners (I use that term loosely) have been getting their palms greased and doing what benefits THEM for years. They keep getting away with it.

      NO ONE will run against them. Two residents that always stood up to them, without backing, were John from Marven Gardens and Bill from Margate.

      If residents continue to put up with their evil ways, nothing will change.

      1. You complainers prob only live here during the summer. Stifle yourselves Labor Day is over. And y’all r probably not even here. #Summmertown
        Deal with it stop complaining because you got nothing else to do

    2. I suggest you zoom Margate City meetings which are open to the public.
      All filings from Bocca and the greenhouse are public record..
      Your slander comes from your ignorance of facts .
      Our commissioners are law abiding respected citizens in this town…
      They made the right call To give all residents entertainment options…

  2. Surprised? These guys being kept on the Commission. They assume they can do whatever. And they do. BIG condos coming next folks!

    1. $25,000.00 is $25,000.00, income is iscome and taxes are paid on that income. Wonder how you’d feel about forking out $25,000.00 for looking the wrong way. Yeah “big F’n deal”

  3. Don’t trust Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg. They snuck this deal into the ‘consent agenda’. No one saw it coming. Amodeo and Blumberg are liars. Becker could care less either way. Bocca and Ventura’s gonna do this again next Summer 2022. Bank on it.

  4. I’m Margate homeowner and I think extra outdoor space at Greenhouse and Bocca is awesome and huge benefit to the public. Please keep it open, in spite of all the whining.

    1. I agree. It’s only 3 months out of the year. As long as they keep the beach clean, and no other problems let everyone have fun. Life is short, enjoy…

    2. Bocca is kind of annoying since they closed the street, but Greenhouse is using empty, otherwise useless ground. The music is not nearly as loud as people are whining about, and it’s turned off by the time it gets dark out.

  5. Are you the same people that buy a house next to an airport and complain about the planes landing and taking off?

    Maybe it’s time to move for a nice over 85 retirement community. everyone asleep by 8:30

    1. Generally, I would agree with you except in this case there is one small fact…..the people in the condo’s were there WAY BEFORE Ventura’s bought the property and decided to drive the neighbors crazy with unending noise.

  6. “Margate, a residential community by the sea”. HA! The elected officials are and have been eating out of the hands of commercial $$$ interests.

  7. Margate Charlie

    The locals keep voting the three in and no one seriously runs against them, so why not do whatever they want. But I don’t know how anyone can say the mayor is on the take, The poor guy has to work part time at the hardware store every weekend. Until the locals come up with viable opponents, just get used to the way it is. Also think Bocca is wrong but Venturas maybe not so much. I live within 6 blocks of Al’s garden on Amherst and can hear the music late, it is what it is.

    1. Funny, for someone like you, “VIP” who has said he doesn’t own at the shore, and hasn’t even been in years in your other typical comments, you sure seem to throw a ton of innuendo and act like its facts. If you have evidence, bring it to the authorities and it would be investigated just like other things have been. Otherwise, its just cowardly anonymous message board attacks.

    2. Someone did run against them seriously in 2019 but was the only one to step up. It’s going to take more than one person running buy themselves to beat these three.

  8. I think there is confusion about this issue. Most of the people said they like Ventura’s and even the bar. The issue is allowing the noise levels to exceed the limit that Margate says is safe and in the best interest of their citizens. Just play the music at those levels, not 30% higher as they’ve started doing the last 2 years.

  9. Lived in Margate almost all my life. I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. Too much bitching about everything.

  10. We, in Somers Point, are having the same issues with over-the-top decibils of noise, light pollution, and trash pollution with Caroline’s, The Point (OMG), and Josie Kelly’s. I’ve recorded up to 91 decibils from JK from my front door.

    1. Life is too short to worry about decibels. Pick and choose your battles. We should be thankful for what we have as your world can change in seconds.

      If the noise is that troublesome, close your door and raise the TV.

  11. What I find interesting is that there was no Fee collected on the permit. There is usually a fee charged on every permit obtained in my primary home town. Curious to know if Margate requires a fee for other issued permits.

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