VIDEO: Dangerous Construction Site Intrusion, Pembroke Ave In Margate

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Six adults broke into a new construction site on the beach block of Pembroke Ave in Margate.

On Saturday afternoon, June 15, six (middle age) adults are seen opening the gate and walking onto the property still under construction.

The site was secured by a cyclone fence, complete with “No trespassing- trespassers prosecuted” signs posted.

A security camera faced the front of the property and captured the intrusion.

This is a HUGE safety concern, Anthony Piraino of Piraino Builders told DownbeachBUZZ.

If six grown adults are doing this, imagine what teenagers could possibly be doing. Theft of building materials and tools, vandalism…

Not only is this illegal trespassing, it’s incredibly dangerous too.

Even a seasoned pro like Margate building inspector, Jim Galantino, can suffer serious injury on a construction site. Thankfully Jim is recovering from a recent fall into an elevator shaft.

Do all construction properties in Margate follow strict security and safety measures?

Are ladders locked up? Why make it easy for thief to get into a 2nd floor window?

Situations like this increase the liability for builders, developers and homeowners.

With so many construction sites in Margate, this could be a bigger problem than most think.

Anthony Piraino of Piraino Builders recommends:

Encourage all builders / developers to secure their properties. Post “No Trespassing” signs so builders have evidence to pursue police action.

Clear warning signage: No trespassing. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Unless trespassers are caught and face charges, this will keep happening.

Clients expect privacy. Their homes under construction should not be seen as an open house for nosey people.

Place cyclone fence securely around perimeter of site.

Use web-connected security cameras.

We’re concerned about injury or fatalities when trespassers enter a site.

Builder Anthony Piraino

Intruders have no knowledge of the property layout. They also lack appropriate work attire.

Entering construction sites without permission is dangerous. It’s a liability no one needs to have. Not to mention potential theft. 


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Dangerous Construction Site Intrusion, Pembroke Ave In Margate”

  1. Were charges pressed? It seems out for their walk they decided to detour on to the fenced property for a closer look. I’m not sure what more the builder can do to secure besides having on site security. If no charges filed, kids will be next. You’re right….dangerous. Elevator shafts and stairways with temporary rails will kill you. On my sites, I suggest never relying on temp barriers .

  2. I get it.

    It is a safety issue.

    But you know some people are just being curious as I do not think they are taking stuff.

    Although, I am sure that others have taken stuff which is not cool.

    Kids vandalizing stuff is also not cool.

    I would imagine if anything happens, the builders are covered as they post the “No Trespassing” signs.

    Back in the day, the houses were two stories so one did not have to worry about falling down stairs or elevator shafts.

    I get it.

    Everybody needs to just stay out.

    As kids, we use to explore through the houses under construction.
    We did not take anything and we did not vandalize anything. We were just being kids.

    Those days are long gone.

  3. If the builder does not want people in there, he should put locks on the gate. It was so easy for the people to get in.

  4. This is trespassing plain and simple. They should press charges.

    Not your property stay out. Grow up people. Does it take a tragedy to have people learn.

    I live around the block and the builder does his best to keep it safe.

    Cameras, signs , fences . What more can he do. Set a good example for the local kids. Next time go to Club WA!

  5. Rumor has it one of these “intruders” is an owner of a multimillion dollar business and another is the CFO.

    More NON Locals feeling entitled to walk in, around and access whatever they feel like.

    What is next- yelling at Kylie Kelce?

    Trespassing is trespassing. Entitlement in full effect in Margate. Will the mayor invite the builders to dinner….and charge it to the genius intruders?

    Respectfully said- enough already.

    Enjoy this wonderful community!

  6. It would have been great if the builder was able to get there during the trespassing and lock the fence until the police could arrive.

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